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Krigo's blog

3:51 AM on 08.07.2015

I'm impressed with how well Blizzard handled the WoW Legions announcement.

A week ago, Mike Wallace wrote a blog on his return to World of Warcraft with the free seven day gametime that Blizzard was giving to unsubscribed players. I took advantage of this too and have been going through the Warlords of Draenor expansion with friends. And you know what? I've had way too much fun doing it.

In a timespan ranging from a few months to a year, I always have an urge to dig my claws back into WoW and spend a month or two having a blast. I'm very late to the party with 2014's Warlords of Draenor thanks to college but that hasn't stopped me from loving the time spent levelling my Paladin to 96 in the past few days.

Even during my absence I thought that only having one major content patch (6.2) was one of the weirdest decisions Blizzard has made in years. They were all over the place with what Warlords was going to be, with much of the community assuming that with a larger team, the expansion would be supported for a full two years versus a little over a year with a gigantic content drought. But with Legions announced and Warlords finished, I imagined that I would be more annoyed with the expansion announcement.

Despite Blizzard's Gamescom presentation seeming like a College orientation on all things Warcraft. It was insightful, well thought out and gave fans a lot of information to work with. They were really transparent with what we could expect, and that's what really made it enjoyable to watch.

Unlike previous expansion announcement trailers that presented such filler to us as "New Quests", "New Monsters" and "New Dungeons". Blizzard actually went over a majority of features of the game, it's new Demon Hunter classes, what we could expect from new dungeons and raids, and the revamped PvP systems and the artifact system. Hell, they totally geeked out on zone lore for a good while and that was perfectly cool with me.

It's just really nice to see developers hyped to show off their expansion after a decade worth of content, and despite the fact that WoW has reached a record low of 5.6 million subscribers I'm really hoping that Legions brings the players back who left. But the real question is: are any of you guys coming back?


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