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The Backwards-Compatible Podcast Records Tonight!

As is customary on Sunday evenings, a few gamers from around the country will join tonight using the magic of the internet to discuss the recent happenings in gaming. If you have a question or comment for us go ahead and leave it in the comments and we'll be sure to mention it during the show!


The Backwards Compatible Podcast Records Tonight

First of all the above clip seems like bullshit to me but you believe what you want. In other news, the podcast records tonight, we'll discuss the usual shit and whatnot so go ahead and ask us a question about whatever and we'll do our best to answer it, also if you wanna be on the show tonight just drop in your skype name and I'll see what I can do!


Backwards Compatible Episode 19:Shark Week!

Tonight as is customary on all Sunday nights, the crew of the show will join in the watching of FUCKING SHARK WEEK, we'll attempt to make the show as normal as possible but random references to the disemboweling of people and or seal's is to be expected. So leave us a question or comment below and be forever immortalized on the internets!


Backwards Compatible Records Tonight!

Tonight for the 16th time, the crew of the Backwards Compatible Podcast will join via the magic of Skype to discuss all things video games. As usual we want questions, comments, queries, and concerns from you, the listeners. So drop us a comment and we'll answer it on the show!


Backwards Compatible Episode 15 With Pedro Cortes Associate Editor @ Tomopop

-What Ya Been Playing (00:00-26:29) -Games o' The Week (26:30-41:44) -Max Payne 3 Talk (41:45-46:10) -Splinter Cell Conviction Console Exclusive (46:11-51:49) -More Lucasarts Adventure Games Coming to Consoles? (51:50-54:09) -Activision Threatens To Stop Making PS3 Games (54:10-62:08) You can subscribe to the show here or you can get a direct download here. Enjoy!


About KratosXone of us since 11:09 PM on 07.06.2008

One of the hosts of the Backwards Compatible podcast along with TazarThaYoot, Pendelton21, Garison, nukka jdav, and Playahatea45. We discuss all things gaming including new releases, news and listener questions. You can subscribe to the podcast here!

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