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One of the hosts of the Backwards Compatible podcast along with TazarThaYoot, Pendelton21, Garison, nukka jdav, and Playahatea45. We discuss all things gaming including new releases, news and listener questions. You can subscribe to the podcast here!
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-What Ya Been Playin (00:00)
-Games of the Week (15:24)
-Agent MOO Gets His Plug (16:57)
-Xbox Gamer Spotlight Leads To Trouble (18:47)
-Chad Ocho Cinco Challenges The Internet (25:18)
-MAG Gets A Release Date (28:19) Is A Fanboy's Mona Lisa (33:30)
-PS3 Price Cuts? (38:19)
-Yoko Ono Could Have Fucked Shit Up (41:44)
-Grin Entertainment is Frowning (45:23)
-Listener Questions! (51:43)

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As is customary on Sunday evenings, a few gamers from around the country will join tonight using the magic of
the internet to discuss the recent happenings in gaming. If you have a question or comment for us go ahead and
leave it in the comments and we'll be sure to mention it during the show!

The above video is basically the video version of this podcast.

-What We Been Playin (00:00-22:55)
-Games of the Week (22:56-26:08)
-Batman:Arkham Asylum Demo Impressions (26:09-36:20)
-Brutal Legend Soundtrack Reveal (36:21-40:48)
-Gorillaz Coming To Rock Band This Week (40:49-47:30)
-The Beatles: Rock Band on QVC (47:31-53:40)
-Guitar Hero: Van Halen (53:41-57:28)
-EA Micro-Transactions In Madden (57:29-63:57)
-Dragon Age: Origins Delay (63:58-65:59)
-Six Days In Fallujah Developers Dead In The Water (66:00-69:20)
-Bioshock Marketing Campaign (69:21-72:55)
-Listener Questions (72:56-92:58)

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First of all the above clip seems like bullshit to me but you believe what you want. In other news, the podcast records tonight, we'll discuss the usual shit and whatnot so go ahead and ask us a question about whatever and we'll do our best to answer it, also if you wanna be on the show tonight just drop in your skype name and I'll see what I can do!

-What We Been Playin (00:00-21:40)
-Games Of The Week (21:41-25:35)
-No Yakuza 3 Localization (22:36-30:59)
-Sega Sells A Shit Ton Less Than Last Year (31:00-31:55)
-Michael Pachter Just Keeps Talkin (31:56-42:30)
-Rev Ant vs. David Jaffe (42:31-45:46)
-Mothership Zeta The Final Fallout DLC? (45:47-46:55)
-TMNT Re-Shelled Gets A Price Drop (46:56-52:59)
-VH-1 Has Beatles Rock Band Clips! (53:00-59:15)
-Listener Questions! (59:16-69:45)

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Tonight as is customary on all Sunday nights, the crew of the show will join in the watching of FUCKING SHARK WEEK, we'll attempt to make the show as normal as possible but random references to the disemboweling of people and or seal's is to be expected. So leave us a question or comment below and be forever immortalized on the internets!