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One of the hosts of the Backwards Compatible podcast along with TazarThaYoot, Pendelton21, Garison, nukka jdav, and Playahatea45. We discuss all things gaming including new releases, news and listener questions. You can subscribe to the podcast here!
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-What We Been Playin (4:00)
-Games Of The Week (20:22)
-Guitar Hero 5 Outselling The Beatles: Rock Band (29:10)
-Yakuza 3 May Be Coming To The West (37:55)
-Nintendo Sort Of Kind Of Confirms Wii Price Cut (42:43)
-Valve Sad That Australia Banned L4D2 (44:44)
-Platinum Games Throws Sega Under The Bus (45:55)
-Bioshock 2 Dated (48:16)
-Listener Questions (52:30)

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Hey there internet, as is customary on Sunday nights, we will get together to talk about video games and news related to them. If you're interested in an MAG Beta Key just drop us a question and the best question will get one. I expect nothing less than greatness from you internet, make me proud!

-What We Been Playin (00:38)
-Beatles Rock Band (8:27)
-Games O' The Week (19:45)
-Jedi Knight Series Of Games Hitting Steam (27:00)
-Wolfenstein Refund Won't Be Coming (31:13)
-More L4D Content Coming After "Crash Course" (35:00)
-Courtney Love Suing Activision (37:45)
-Batman PC Glitch Is Awesome (42:20)
-Listener Questions (46:37)

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Now that I've gotten your attention with what is quite possibly the cutest video ever, it is my job to inform you that the aforementioned podcast shall be recording its weekly episode tonight. Your duty, as listener, is to provide us with questions for us to answer on the show. Make me proud internet!

While we who were at the show all suffer from the effects of PAXFlu you, the beloved listeners just get to listen to us talk shit about how awesome the show was and what not. Anyways here's the rundown followed by the download stuff. Enjoy!

PS. Scary Womanizing Pig Mask send me an e-mail at xavier@backwards-compatible.com and you'll get your prize.

-What We Been Playin (1:03)
-What Swag We Been Gettin? (28:15)
-Games of the Show (45:18)
-Best PAX Moment (48:41)
-Biggest Surprise of the Show (56:57)
-Listener Questions (64:46)

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-What We Been Playin (00:00)
-Games Of The Week (19:19)
-Star Wars: The Old Republic 20 Minute Dev Walkthrough (21:45)
-Mass Effect 2 Hands On (24:58)
-Gran Turismo 5 Damage Controversy (27:37)
-Sega Opens Up A Park In Dubai (29:37)
-Shadow Complex Controversy (33:14)
-New WoW Expansion (44:14)
-PAX Panels (49:15)
-Listener Questions (60:00)

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