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Krahsh avatar 3:49 PM on 02.03.2009  (server time)
10 late things that's totally old about Krahshthulhu

10 things? There's only one thing you need to know;

I WILL rape you and tentacles WILL be involved.

I'm late to the game on this because I spent the majority of the weekend in a haze fueled by whiskey, rockband and ice cream cake.

Here goes;

10) Yes that IS me in the picture, and again YES tentacle sodomy is but one of the many powers I have at my disposal. It's actually from a camping trip with family and friends. We thought it'd be fun to take silly picture using flashlights and an iphone. I was only moderately tipsy so I can't really blame this on alcohol. I'm just that fucking weird.

9) I love creative writing but am too lazy to do anything with it.
Lazyness and being selfish with the small amount of free time I have are the ONLY things keeping me from blogging more often. I'll set goals only to see them shrugged off by not wanting to sit in front of the computer another hour or so when I home. That and I feel like what I'd contribute would fall under tl;dr or just plain boring.
I think it's mainly because I'm a strong believer that unless you have something nice/interesting to say than don't say anything at all. ...unless it happens to be as funny as it is cruel.

8) I consider myself a musician..
Even though I haven't preformed anything in years. I started playing music at an early age, around grade 3, and began performing a few years after. My first "real" band was a punk group that went on to play around the city, state, and all through the mid-west. It got to the point where after a long talk with my parents I was able to take leave of public school my freshman and sophomore years to focus on music. Aside from the fights I seemed to get dragged into it was some of the best years of my life.

7) I love gaming in all it's forms.
I think it has something to do with the atmosphere created when we as adults are able to tap into that feeling of unfiltered, unbridled fun we associate with being little.
The feeling of camaraderie I get when playing with my wife and friends is so tangible to me that I think it would be a viable dorm of sustenance.

6) Ever since I was a little kid I knew I wanted to be a family man.
I believe that regardless of what you achieve, great or small, some of THE most important things a man can do are what he does in the role of husband and father.
Funny thing, when I stepped into those shoes, I was as scared as happy. All you can think about is wanting to do your best without screwing up and so far I think I've done a decent job, hah. okay, on to number 5 before I get all mushy and lose my street cred with IRC :P

5) I am a complete whore for the Travel Channel and Three Sheets.
If I ever went back to school it would probably be for Anthropology. I think we live on an amazing planet and would love to see more of it. I am enamored with learning more about other cultures and I often spend more time than I care to admit pipedreaming about how I'd have my own show loosely related to gaming. I'd travel the world learning the pastimes of different cultures and how they relate to modern games/sport.

Whoppers, ice cream, doesn't matter. It's the best damned flavor known to man. That and Mamba. Mamba is the shit, raspberry especially. (I miss you, Arson)

3) I love anything that glows in the dark.
I mean ANYTHING. It's some sort of fetish I've had ever since I was given a pack of those glow in the dark stars you can put on your ceiling. Doesn't matter what it is, if you give me something glow in the dark you're my friend.

2) I love good tattoos
and the only reason I don't have more is I refuse to settle as far as quality goes. I've had a thing for them ever since first being exposed to them as a kid. The only reason I can give is that I vaguely remember associating the idea of a tattoo being something akin to a comic book on your arm and that struck me as the most amazing thing ever.

1) I have never beaten the original Super Mario Brothers.
I was too busy playing duckhunt to finish the game.
/me puts on the fire retardant clothing to prepare for the onslaught of flames.

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