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Does Senor Destructoid have super powers?

HELL YES HE DOES! These are a few pictures I helped my BFF4EVA, Kurt, take for part of his photography class. I dare your genitals not to engorge in lust after viewing such lusty material! Also, Ryu's a pussy and my bear...


Happy Birfday Niero, Destructoid

So I was going to actually try and write something up that would express my thanks of being a part of an awesome community and how much fun it's been playing with you all. (Seriously if it wasn't for you cwazy ircfolk i would...



I can't think of anything witty to day here so I'll cut to the chase. When me and the wife went to pick up Fairytale Fights we gots an extra free tshirt, see?; Since I love you all so very, very much I figured I would spread...


Lookit muh shiny helmet!

Edit: there's no real point to this blog now thanks to that fucker BattyAndroit . Stealin' muh ideaz! I keed, I keed. He's put up a real quality entry for this kickass contest. To be perfectly blunt I'm glad it's going to s...


RRRAAGE! a msg from your IT staff.

A haiku inspired by true events. "Help! I can't log in!! Oh my gawd, i've been haxzord!!" No...just press caps lock. Sadly, this scenario plays out almost weekly for myself and my staff. To any of you "non-technical" ppl ...


A L4D Christmas! (shortblog)

Not too sure how many people read VG Cats but if you don't, shame on you! SHAAAAAME!! Anyways, this made me laugh so hard that I coughed up something that looked like a chicken embryo (go-go ssinus infections!) and I figured I should share. Merryhappy Kwanzmasunakah, dtoid!!


Sonic, is that you?! omgrapemuhface! (NVGR)

When I miss putting the trash out for pickup in the mornings i'll stash it on the back "porch" and take it to the dumpster in the evening when I get back. Well for a few nights the wife has claimed that "there's something out...


About Krahshone of us since 10:56 PM on 06.09.2008

I'm an avid gamer that enjoys everything from tabletop RPGs to the latest FPS and everything in between.

My basic rule;
If I think it's fun, I'll play it.

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