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9:03 PM on 08.26.2007

Sometimes I forget I have a Wii

As open as that title leaves me to get busted on, it's true. I see a lot of people around the net proclaiming their love for all things Wii. For me though, I find myself not turning it on for weeks at a time. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for Metroid and loved Twighlight Princess, but aside from that (and the occasional playthrough of RE4), I think my Wii has just turned into something that sits next to my 360.

Do any of you guys honestly prefer the Wii over the 360 or the PS3? I think the Wii still has potential, but with games like Bioshock and the sure-to-be-awesome skate coming out left and right, Nintendo needs to really get on the ball to get me interested again. I have my flame shield are ready to go..

11:36 AM on 07.02.2007

WoW addict ends up in jail

So according to Kotaku, this stunning beauty is the most recent MMORPG addict to take her gaming "life" a little bit too far. Turns out she flew from Australia to the US to take her 17 year old World of Warcraft boyfriend home with her.

Now, first of all, the fact that she is a 31 year old college student might have something to do with it, but why do these games drive people to do such ridiculous things? I am a lifelong fan of video games, and I play as much as I can. I just can't see the appeal of these massive online games. Sure, they might be cool for a while, but some people just go nuts with them. So basically, do any of you guys play games like WoW? What are some of the extreme length d-toiders have gone to feed their online addiction?   read

2:04 PM on 06.19.2007

How is a new president going to impact gaming?

Ok, so I hate to have a post relate to politics in any way (since argument will inevitably ensue), but all the recent campaigning has got me thinking. All of the candidates talk about the same things - the war in Iraq, gas prices, etc... All of these are definitely key points, and certainly very important. But with all these major issue looming overhead, I sometimes wonder how my favorite pastime is going to be affected. I always see these pages littered with posts about Jack Thompson, so censorship sadly is a real issue.

What got me started on this whole line of thought was the fact that Hilary Clinton fought so hard against the Hot Coffee mod a few years back. At my job today, I came across this article that reported on Hilary Clinton causing a big stink over the apparent censorship of her memoirs in China. I can't even begin to explain how this hypocritical move has annoyed me.

Now, I don't know a whole lot about the other candidates' stances on censorship, but this whole fiasco has me worried. If one candidate is willing to throw video games (or movies, or the internet) under the bus, just to make a political statement, who's to say they all won't. With the UK's recent ban of Manhunt 2, it's starting to look like this nightmare scenario can become a reality.

Anyway, just figured it would be an interesting point to raise. How do you think politics is going to influence gaming in future years?   read

9:53 AM on 06.13.2007

The worst video game box art

Web sites do these all the time, but it's always fun to see just how many bad covers made it onto the shelves over the years. Over at, they actually have a fairly decent list of the worst video game box art of all time. Most of the titles are obscure, so I haven't seen some of them. Unfortunately, they left out some dandies, but it's a fun read nonetheless. Maybe they should make a list of the covers that misrepresented the actual game the most. That would be sweet. Anyway, check the article here (and another one here )   read

5:39 PM on 06.12.2007

The 5 best point and click adventures ever.

With all the bells and whistles of the xbox 360 and ps2, some of my favorite games of all time are the classic point and click adventure games of my childhood. They didn't require high-end graphics cards or much hand-eye coordination for that matter. All you needed was a sharp mind and a good sense of humor. The list is sure to generate many complaints, but in my eyes, it just doesn't get any better than these.

5. Leisure Suit Larry

Now admittedly, these games sort of suck when I look back on them. But you know what, when I was 8 years old, I didn't care. I was running around picking up hookers, and I thought it was hilarious. I didn't know what the hell a prophylactic was, and I thought Spanish fly was some sort of aspirin. In retrospect, this game was probably something a young kid should have been playing, but hey, look how good I turned out.... For better or worse, who knows, but for that reason alone, it makes the list.

4. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

When I was a kid, I respected Indiana Jones more than Jesus. If Harrison Ford came up to me and told me to to punch a myself in the face, I would have no choice but to pummel myself. This game was my first experience with an Indy game, and boy was it a good one. This was the first point and click game I can remember that successfully incorporated fast-paced action. It
also had a rockin' midi version of the Indy theme song.

3. Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist

Sierra made a bunch of point and click games, all of which I owned. While they were all really good, this one just stands out to me. In fact, in all my years of gaming, Freddy Pharkas remains one of the greatest video game premises ever. You are a pharmacist. In the Old West. Hilarity ensues from that point on.

2. Day of the Tentacle

I must admit, I didn't play this one until years after its original release. For whatever reason, I just missed the boat on it. Once I did play it though, I realized what I was missing out on. A lot of the stuff that you can do in this game was ahead of its time. You could control multiple characters in multiple times, and it was a real challenge. Add to that the fact that the game was really funny, and you have a great game through and through. Plus, you have to love a game who has a main character named Hoagie.

1. Monkey Island

I don't even hesitate to choose this as my number one point and click game. The Monkey Island games simply had it all. It had killer music, a hilarious storyline, and a fairly decent challenge. Now, many of the games on this list have all those things, but none of them encompass them all so well. I still get a kick out of the sword fighting mechanic in the first game. How can you beat battling pirates by insulting them? Simple answer is that you can't. For anyone out there who hasn't played the Monkey Island games, go and get one right now. I promise you won't be disappointed. Plus, the word on the street is that a new MI game may be in the works. Keep your fingers crossed that we see Guybrush Threepwood again soon.

Honorable Mentions
Gabriel Knight Series
Sam and Max Hit the Road
Roger Wilco
Full Throttle   read

8:49 AM on 06.12.2007

Buying useless videogame stuff has never been so easy.

Over at kotaku, they have an article up that will surely satisfy the collector in all of us. Gamesniped is a place that goes through the trouble of finding the most interesting and relevant video game-related ebay auctions. No longer will you have to sift through the myriad of uninteresting and over-priced game auctions that clutter the site each day.

I think this is pretty awesome. You can find some really unique stuff on here, whether it be press kits or the more extravagant tv with NES built-in. In any case, I figured this would be something my fellow dtoiders would appreciate.   read

12:26 PM on 06.11.2007

Wii-itis? Sounds like fun.

Coming as no surprise to anyone, there was a report from ABC 3 the other day that Wiis are causing kids pain and discomfort. And not just from the console's lackluster library of games either. Check the article here

In the story, some medical "expert" talks about kids suffering from shoulder injuries and tendinitis from extended bouts of wii gaming (Although these are not nearly as crippling as the torment you will receive from your peers for having "wii-itis").

I'm sure this will in no way hurt the Nintendo juggernaut, but it's interesting to see another chink in their shiny, money-lined armor. First flying wii-motes, and now an ailment that sounds a lot like a VD. What's next, are gypsies are going to come out of the Wii at night and steal my wallet?   read

9:14 PM on 06.09.2007

Bayou Billy, how I loathe thee


Have you ever played a game that made you so angry, the only thing that could suppress your rage was smashing the holy hell out of your NES controller? If so, you most likely should steer clear of Mr. Bayou Billy.

After recently getting my ass handed to me on the harder levels of Earth Defense Force 2017, I tried to think of the most frustrating game I have ever played. After some deliberation (and a delicious steak), I decided this Konami "classic" was tops on my list. So I found my old cartridge and loaded it up. I mean, maybe it was just so hard because the last time I played it I was still wearing TMNT sweatpants. Boy was I wrong.

First of all, just look at that box art. It's so inviting. Some fat guy kidnapped Billy's girlfriend, and now he is going to get the holly hell stabbed out of him with a 3-foot-long knife. Look's pretty sweet. Little does the player know that said fatty in the hat has employed the most devastating of all video game villains. That's right, you guessed it...alligators.

Now, ok, alligators are pretty bad ass, and I can see them being a tough fight, even for Billy. But does Konami wait until you build up your skills a bit and thenthrow them at you in the last stage? Nope. 30 seconds after starting the game, alligators rape you to death in a pond. Awesome. Try as I might, those alligators stopped me from ever progressing further than the first stage. I never even knew this game had driving and light gun stages until I saw a video of them years later.

So in retrospect, Bayou Billy is a giant twat who wears a cowboy hat.

Thanks Billy.   read

4:59 PM on 06.08.2007

Hidden gem alert: Earth Defense Force 2017

Every once and a while, I will buy a game for no real reason at all. Sometimes it will be because the box art is cool, or sometimes it will just be because I have money burning a hole in my pocket. Now, I admit, this has bitten me in the ass several times before. One game that comes to mind is Tao Feng:Fist of the Lotus. That was a suck fest to the utmost extreme. Other times though, I get lucky. I remember getting a little title called Actraiser when I was a kid, just because the dude had a sword on the back. Turned out to be one of the better happy accidents I have made in my video game life.

That was until I recently found this little gem call Earth Defense Force 2017. I didn't even know the game existed, but after buying Forza 2, I still had 20 bucks left. So I figured what the hell. Little did I know I would be playing this game even more than Forza 2. I'm sure most people on this site know about this game, what with many of the main antagonists being robots and all, but damn is it good. I mean, check out this screenie...

Look at that. It's glorious. Not only is he shooting a giant robot, but he is shooting him right in his robotic junk. I love it. It's basically like a hyped up version of Dynasty Warriors, but with giant robots and guns. Talk about heaven. Anyway, I know these hidden gem posts pop up from time to time, and I know we all know about games like Beyond Good and Evil, but this game just totally slipped under my radar. Has any one else played this bad boy? What do you guys think about it?   read

2:28 PM on 06.08.2007

Best zombie game since RE4 is a flash game

Since I just recently posted about the glory of Earth Defense 2017, I figured I might as well share this with you as well. As I sit here, I realize I spend far too much time researching and playing games than doing anything more "productive." Anyway, the latest thing to be robbing me of my precious free-time is the flash game "The Last Stand" found here

Now, many of you may know about this game, but for those who don't, I think you are in for a treat. Basically, you control a little guy who has to defend his base from some asshole zombies. If they get too close, they will punch the shit out your barricade until you die. Interestingly, as you progress, you get a bunch of cool weapons and fellow survivors to help kill off those annoying undead. That's it. Simple enough, but for a time-killer, it is my new savior. I haven't tried this out on my wii yet either, but I imagine it would be pretty sweet. But since we have a while until we can get our greasy hands on RE5, I figure this would be a nice diversion for some.

(That picture has nothing to do with the game really, I just though "Zombie-Elvis" was too good to ignore.)   read

11:52 AM on 06.07.2007

The most ridiculous game premises

So has a list of the 12 most absurd video games ever. Check it out here (apparently this link doesn't want to work. Just check out the main page)

Honestly, aren't all games absurd? I mean, what makes shooting aliens with a needle gun on a space station any more believable than shooting fire when you touch a flower? Anyway, In honor of this list, I would love to hear what people have to say about these, and other, ridiculous games. What are some of your favorite games that make absolutely no sense. My vote goes to Katamari Damacy. No explanation is needed for that one except for the King of All Cosmos

He's so saucy...   read

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