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Noooo! Not the Red Ring of Death!

My 360 has the red ring of death! Noooo! There goes my plan of getting Crackdown this Sunday(My B-day), and playing through it... :( I was planning on getting a Towel, but then I read here that the towel is no good... Please help me!


About Kotuaone of us since 1:03 PM on 01.05.2007

Doesn't get the hints.
Ignorant at times.

Games I own:

Xbox 360:
Gears of War
Rainbow Six: Vegas.
Rainbow Six: Vegas 2
Condemned: Criminal Origins

StarCraft, and StarCraft Brood War
Lego Rock Raiders
FEAR and FEAR Extraction Point
Orange Box(Doesn't work)

Accessories and Shit:
360 Wireless Gaming Receiver for PC
Laygoez.(tons of 'em.)



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