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Koopa13 avatar 1:26 AM on 02.22.2008  (server time)
You know this is gonna suck!

So finally, the day comes when UK finally gets UT3 for the ps3. But its not all gonna be bells and whistles is it? Cos like most games that rely on online play we are at a severe disadvantage.
So while you over the other side of the big pond have been playing this game on ur shiny black boxes for just over 2 months we are only just getting it, which means yo have had lots of nice practice and your UT reflex systems will be on top form. Mine however will be still tuned to the relaxed pace of COD4. I dont mean to say COD4 is relaxed but when it comes to the constant run and shoot mayhem that we all expect from UT, COD4 will seem like a breeze.

So back to the original point, uve had 2 months of solid practice and i havnt played UT for a long time anyways but still youve had all the practice and i know the second i get on there im gonna get fragged to death by some jerk running off and calling me a n00b or whatever crazy cuss he can think of inside that tiny 13 year old mind of his. (Good job im not playing on xbox live.)

But this got me thinking. why does it have to suck so much that a game can be effected so much by being released later in a different country. Why can't they just release the game the same time. Its not like they have to change anything, its not like we speak a different language to you guys in the US. What do they have to recode all the subtitles now so its in cockney slang so english people can understand it?!
Its like SSBB, tbh if your looking forward to playing that with some of your fellow dtoiders in thet states and ur an englishman, dont bother, by the time that finally gets released in england they will either have stopped playing it or you'll just suck so much in comparison with them that it wont even be fun.

I do however have a little theory, All devs hate UK, especially UK devs, they hate UK gamers even more, mainly because they are so dissapointed on the type of gamers the UK is breeding. So they have all come up with a master plan, every game that has an online competitive play in some shape or form will always be released in the US months before the UK get it. This way the US gamers will have had lots of practice and when the UK gamers finally get it the US gamers will humiliate them to death.

Just a thought.

Anyways i better get going, the store opens in an hour and i still need some breakfast.
Catch y'all later


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