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Koopa13 avatar 7:02 AM on 04.25.2008  (server time)
Wii Fit: First Impressions

So i went to pick up wii fit this morning and after a few hours hanging around at work i decided to come home and test it out.
So i get the board out the box and set it up and start away.
At first you will set up your profile and do a few tests to establish how crap you are, ala brain training style.
So after the wii has told me in the nicest way possible that im not in a fit shape it offers to help me.
So i start out testing a few of the activities.
Like brain training all of the activities are not available straight away, you have to earn points to unlock them, and the unlocking process is up to the game.
So i tried out a few yoga poses, one which relaxed me nicely and the other really gave my thigh muscles a beating.
Then i tried jogging (no balance board needed for this, just pop the wii mote in ur pocket and jog away), a bit of hoola hooping and then i tried the football heading game. OHHHHH boy did i suck at trying to head the balls.
I tried a few others i wont go into straight away, but to sum it all up, in the hour i have played so far it seems like a solid basis to help you get on track to being healthy. Although i cant see this game as helping u loose weight solely i can see it making a difference in your lifestyle. As long as you commit to this game and do it at least once a day for about 20 mins there is no reason why you shouldn't get results, cos trust me, you can feel it working :p


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