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Koopa13 avatar 6:01 AM on 11.21.2007  (server time)
Somone needs their arse tanned!

So, it's been a while since i posted on here, mainly cos ive been busy but mainly cos i also had nothing to say.
But earlier today i was sifting through one of the many blog sites when i came across a little article about Robbie Bach from Microsoft was basically saying that xbox live is the best and most superior service when it comes to online gaming on consoles.

Now you and i both know that Nintendo can't even be classed in the equation of online console gaming, what with their funny little "big" friend codes and their stupid small library of online games. Of course all of this will change when SSBB comes out and all teh fanboys rejoice. BUT! other than xbox live there is still another worth competitor out there.

Now i can already hear the outcry's from millions of xbox fanboys out there but please, ffs, just hear me out.
Before anyone dares accusing me of being a specific fanboy i like to make it very clear that i dont have a favourite console, i have them all and i love them all. However they all have their downsides, but right now were talking bout online.

So when looking at both online services we can see what is similar.
Xbox live has:
free demos,
arcade titles/strange titles made for 360,
friends list,
voice chat,
video chat,
tv shows,
add ons,
music videos,
joinable games from friends list,
downloadable content to customise your 360

PSN has:
free demos,
arcade/strange titles made just for ps3,
friends list,
voice chat,
video chat,
add ons,
classic ps1 titles,
joinable games from in game menus,
downloadable content to customise your ps3.

Now i know things like classic gen titles are coming to xbox live soon, and psn have said there will be movies in the future and stuff but the only main differences are that xbox live u have to pay for and the way you join games in either consoles.

TBH other than that, there are no other differences i know of, all i use the online functions for, is sending my friends messages, downloading demos, and playing online with my friends. Now if i have missed smth from either lists its ok, these are just things i use.

Anyone who says, "yeh but the psn servers are bad, theres so much lag and shit" no, no there isnt, i havnt rele expereienced much lag, i had a bit in skate but other than that i dont rele, i can play COD4 just as good as the 360 version, oh and i dont have to suffer the abuse of 13 year olds on psn.

The fact that PSN is free gives it the heads up in my opinon.
After 2 years of being and xbox live member im about to cancel my subscription, only because my best friend has a ps3 and we play online alot so there is rele no need for me to have xbox live for the moment.

Basically the aim of all this is to say, look, quit bitching, psn is just as worthy as xbox live is, all this nitpicking is just down to blatent fanboyism. consider this a user review, a comparison of which one is better. Neither, theyre just as good as each other.

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