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Koopa13 avatar 2:44 PM on 04.15.2008  (server time)
RUMORTOID: Europe Rock Band gets re-priced!

Well its a rumor at the moment but word on the street is a slightly unexpected statement from EA is meant to be announced tomorrow which will be the re-pricing of rock band. After a week of Europeans in rage screaming and burning down houses in rage of an overpriced rock band, it may seem that gamers will be able to have their pie and eat it.

However this is a big rumor at the moment and in my honest opinion i will be surprised if this does happen, after Harmonix released a nice statement a few days ago explaining to gamers that bitching about a price wont make it lower.

The rumored price is meant to be around the $270 mark (about 135)
Hold tight cos although this may sound crazily unlikely at the moment, something could develop soon.

Also, Cocks!

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