Hey I'm Koopa, I'm 21 and i live eat and breathe video games.
I'm in the 2nd year of Uni studying Record Production.
I work in retail and it's the best job i've ever had.

Top 10 Favorite Games:

1: Fable the lost chapters
2: Bioshock
3: No More Heroes
4: Portal
5: Animal Crossing DS
6: Lost Odyssey
7: Rock Band
8: Call of Duty 4
9: Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland
10: Goldeneye N64

Games I can't wait to play:
Fable 2

What I own:
NES (kinda broken :()
Macbook =]

Things to know about me:
It doesnt take much to piss me off, but im a loveable guy. My aim in life is to own every console from each Gen. so for the current gen im set.
I love to take life easy and play video games.
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Ok so imagine this, bare in mind this is only just my thoughts and im not conspiring against MS here.

But say around 11:59pm sep 23rd MS release a nice now compulsary update for everyones 360s. What ppl dont know is that the update will kill ur 360, red rings globally.
Now imagine how many halo fans are waiting to get their mits on halo 3 24hrs later.
How many of those fans will realise that there is no way in hell MS would be able to fix all those 360 in months let alone weeks.
So how many ppl with think fuck it im gonna go buy a new 360 just for halo.
If this ever happened do u know how much money MS could make. However if it ever did happen there would be alot of questions and man would they be fucked in the long run.

Morale of the story is, watch out for any updates 24hrs before halo 3. You never know what might happen

also, if it does happen, you heard it here first.

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