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Koopa13 avatar 8:43 AM on 12.22.2007  (server time)
Impressions of a few PSN titles.

I decided to write this for a number of reasons, the main one being i wanted to share my hands on impressions with a few of the titles i downloaded from the PSN last night. Also because i need to start writing more.

So to get straight into it ill start off with the one i downloaded first.

This is a unique title that when i first heard about it i decided that i wanted to play this game myself. $9.99 isnt such a bad price for a game either. Now while the game offers what could be a great fun system, it doesnt execute it so well. You start off by being guided through a "crash course" as they call it where your told what to do and how to do certain things.
Once this is completed you can then play the single and multiplayer modes.
Seen as my buddy was round we went straight into a game or HORSE. I gotta say, this aspect of the game is great, like typical horse games each player takes it in turns to score the most points by causing as much pain and destruction in one shot.
There is also a bowling mode which confused us a little bit to start with, there were random power ups around the screen that we were obviously meant to hit, tbh we didn't and instead just concentrated on the bowling aspect. There is a 3rd multiplayer option that we didnt get round to testing out.
Now we tried the single player. I gotta say, its a little "lacking." With only one level to choose from and 3 game modes, the game isnt exactly heaving with options from the start.
We have the options, Paindamodium (your basic sandbox design, do what you may), Fling the mime (basically fling the mime into panes of glass untill all 12 have been smashed) and another one where you have to land your character on the monkeys that appear around the levels.
While these modes do offer a few difficulty settings and can be quite fun for a short while, it's not enough to keep the interest of the player for longer than a few hours.
Now stop me if i'm wrong and you guys have found a way of unlocking more levels, i havn't got that far yet. I only managed to play about 20 mins of single player. this is just a first impression.
As i mentioned earlier the multiplayer aspect of the game is rele fun and we lasted a while just arsing around trying to beat each others score.
My advice on this title is, if you dont care about $9.99 then go for it, its a great multiplayer and if i am proven wrong and there are aditional levels that are easy to unlock then this could be a good game. If your looking for a fun multiplayer then buy it cos you will get some great kicks out of this game.

Toy Home:
New to the store this week we see the release of toy home, the basis of which is you driving around crazy levels in a little toy car. The basis of the main single player mode is driving around to a time limit and collecting as many coins (please sir do you have any coins *STAB!*) and getting lots of power ups. The level designs are strange, strange in the way that they seem different but there is a slight sense of de ja vu everytime a new level loads.
The sad thing is from the begining you only have two cars to choose from, and they just so happen to be the cars that were in the demo.
The multiplayer offers quite a fun little battle mode, two players racing around collecting as many coins as they can before the timer runs out. There is a slight mario kart element here in the way you can send powerups to hit the other player causing them to spill some of their coins and giving you the chance to run in for the steal.
Sadly this is all i managed to experience on toy home before i had to leave my ps3 for a while. The first impressions i got were, yeh this is a fun little game, a bit samey, multiplayer is kinda more fun than the single player mode.

If i find out anything i bitched about here that actually is in the game i will update the post and keep you informed.
It's up to you guys now, feel free to ask me any questions about any of the games, i have a few other ones from the psn store, mainly quite a few for the PS eye.


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