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Koopa13 avatar 3:41 PM on 05.12.2008  (server time)
If you love it, change it: Fable

For a few months now i've been sitting around and questioning, what topic shall i choose for the monthly musings. However in most cases by the time i got round to writing my idea someone else had either stolen my idea or the month was over and no one gave a shite.

So now i decided to act quickly and put my fingers to keys and keep typing.

Now as you can see Fable is my favorite game of all time, in my honest opinion it is one of the best games that gave me value for money and a great enjoyable game play experience. However thats not to say the games doesn't occasionally fall on its arse and shits on itself every now and then.

Most things about the game still to this day give me tingles of excitement and i hope that these elements will remain when we actually get round to playing fable 2. Things like the scenery and the music, beautiful and amazing in every way. Things like the way the little kids come up to you and admire you as your hero status grows along with your ego. That is of course unless you decide to do evil things.

Now that brings me on to my first point, with this game we were promised a world in which our actions would not go unaccounted for, but lets be honest with ourselves here, smashing a few barrels while a scouser goes for a piss isn't exactly my idea of being a devil worshiper.
I just think that while some of the time where you had to choose between a good and bad options they were ok, others just seemed worthless and crap. Like for example the big decision you get at the end after you defeat the final boss, that was a great choice and still one of the hardest yet satisfying choices i've ever had to make in a game. But personally if i had a say in how the options would have gone in this game i would have had more decent choices. However it was satisfying having devil horns for a while it did get in the way after a time and resulted in me restarting the game.

Another thing i would have changed about this game was the frame rate. Now ok the game was for its time stunning in a weird cartoon/artsy stylistic way but some times the frame rate dipped so low it made the game slightly unplayable. maybe a bit less shading or not some many NPCs in one area. I remember playing the game again a few weeks ago and stepping into Oakvale (god i wanna live there) and the frame rate got so bad i just turned it off.

Another problem with the game in my opinion was the relationship side of the game. For those of you who have never played this game basically you could walk into a town and start flirting with a woman, or man if you pleased and a little heart would appear above their head and grow to symbolize their desire for you. So after a while of sampling a few emotions that would woo the woman you give her a gift and maybe ask her to move in with you. Maybe ask her to move in and have a bit of a romp in the sack. And thats it, no kid, no meals on the table when i get home, no extra money nothing. To me although it was a nice touch to the game it just seemed a bit pointless.

Other wise i think this game is great, it has a good story line, its not too long nor is it too short, the weapons are fairly ranged, ok so maybe they could have added a few extras but it was great how you could add a stone with a certain elemental property. The spells were good, enemies were ok. And best of all you could have people call you Pie master or chicken chaser.

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