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Koopa13 avatar 12:38 PM on 05.03.2008
GTA IV CONTEST: Win gamerpics + 500MSpoints!

So few of you may have seen one of my older posts where i showed u the pre order packs from gta iv. These include exclusive GTA gamer pics and 500MSpoints. So i have 10 up for grabs and its a simple competition. However thos who specified they wanted one in the previous post you guys have already got one, dont worries.

All im going to do is scratch off individual codes and email them to you guys cos P+P on a piece of paper isnt so fun on my pocket.

So its simple the question i want you guys to answer is the following

What is a cat?

*hint* the answer is far less obvious than you think it is*

Just to clear things up these are the GTA things Atheistium was giving away on the Podcastle.
So the first 10 ppl to post the correct answer will be announced as winners.

Good luck


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