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Koopa13 avatar 5:07 PM on 09.19.2007  (server time)
Eye Of Judgement looks EPIC!!!

So ive been heavily drinking tonight and i apologise for the typos, but before i went out and the server was all sucky i stumbled across a few vids of eye of judgement which is hittin the ps3 soon. I gotta say this game is looking fucking great. So great im gonna go pre order it tomorrow. I mean even if u dont like card battling games at least you get it for the new eye toy. The game is set to retail at a standard ps3 game price (or so it is in UK) and that includes the game and the card plus the camera. The first vid is of some guys (who think theyre comedians) getting their press package of the game. the second vid is of some asain fella demonstrating the game. cant understand a word of what he is saying but it would probably go along the lines of "this game is epic, buy it, it will be good.

no words on if it will have local or even online multiplayer. but still i think its got a interesting gameplay element.

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