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Koobert's blog

5:07 AM on 10.24.2008

Siren: Blood Curse - The (Secretly) Best Survival Horror Title of the Year? (Lotsa Spoilers.)

Siren: Blood Curse, created by Project Siren and SCE Japan, doesn't have a lot of competition for survival horror game of the year.The Silent Hill games, while functional, didn't elevate the material about fan service. And Al...   read

5:11 AM on 10.16.2008

Sifting through my pile of shame.

So I'm almost done with Siren, which I am going to write about as soon as I'm finished, in a spoileriffic plot analysis. As is, it's one of the best games that I've played this year. So, yes. Forty bucks. Download it. It's ...   read

6:42 PM on 09.10.2008

Seven Things That Try Hard To Make Mercenaries 2 Suck

Mercenaries 2 is one of those games that seems to try its hardest to destroy whatever good ideas originally came with the series. Mercenaries 1 had the advantage of zero expectations, and offering a surprisingly visceral expe...   read

1:29 AM on 08.29.2008

Ys Book I & II: Yet Another Game I'd Rather Play Than Zelda.

Ah, just joking, sorta. I would love to see this series handled with the polish and charm of the Zelda games. But having got A Link to the Past fairly recently, I've got to say this: it didn't hold my attention. This has. M...   read

1:20 AM on 06.12.2008

You Know You Hate Them: Awful Licensed Soundtracks

It used to be that licensed soundtracks were a novelty: when Rock n' Roll Racing or Michael Jackson's Moonwalker bleated out their midi-fied interpretations of Smooth Criminal or Radar Love, we were amazed. It was something...   read

3:43 AM on 06.11.2008

Games You Aren't Ashamed to GameFAQ It All Up Ons

I don't like cheating. I'd like to think that most gamers out there prefer to avoid using strategy guides, FAQs, and how-to sheets on getting past games. I'm not a competitive gamer. I'm not really up for trying to get my nam...   read

5:19 AM on 05.22.2008

Gamespot Advertising Gets a Little Niche-ey

The Penny Arcade Adventures review causes some interesting items to come up in the keyword-based advertising that comes up in Gamespot. The latest Adventures in Lolo cheats? HOLY HELL! That bitch Lala is gonna get her ass ...   read

11:51 AM on 05.10.2008

On Finally Getting a Wii, GTA IV, and Why Street Fighter The Movie: The Game isn't that bad.

I'm going home and controlling some Kylie Minogue! Take that, Oscar winner Raul Julia! So, I did it. I went and bought a Wii. It looked like I wasn't even going to get one, what with the six I saw at the "Real Canadian Supe...   read

10:11 PM on 04.30.2008

On Shield Bashing, No Gay Bashing, and Sneaking in Metal Gear Solid Online. Also, GTAIVPS3VS360.

Alright, alright, I admit it: I was rather glib in my initial impressions of the Metal Gear Solid Online Beta. After some more time with that game, my heart has warmed to it. Especially since it has added one new feature, ...   read

3:43 PM on 04.26.2008

Incredible Times With the Metal Gear Solid Online Beta!

Here, in pictures, is my incredible time with Metal Gear Solid Online yesterday! Needless to say, I'm going back for more. Exciting, different, radical, it's a game like no other online shooter in which you shoot people in de...   read

1:41 AM on 04.11.2008

Are you getting better or worse at games as you get older?

We're getting older. One day, before you know it, you'll be walking by O'Douls pub on Granville street, and see kids with their Fallout Boy haircuts and, for some reason, see that half of them are dressed like zombies, and yo...   read

3:25 AM on 04.03.2008

My Week(s) in JRPGs - March 17 to April 1.

My second attempt at keeping a log on my progress with the giant pile of JRPGs that I'm working through. As you can see, I only tackled two of the games on my list, although I probably should note that you could also add Gold...   read

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