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6:13 PM on 06.01.2012

I see it more and more lately. Pre-order bonuses will be announced and there are people, and generally not even a lot of them, that go from highly anticipating a game as a day one purchase to saying they will now wait until a later date or just not purchase the game at all; presumably because of the pre-order bonuses. Frankly, I just don't quite understand the attitude behind this.

As a "protest" (more like a temper tantrum in my opinion) it's ineffectual because they have no way of knowing that you dislike the idea of pre-order bonuses being store exclusive, or even pre-order bonuses at all. All they see is less purchasing. Granted one could say they see less "day one purchases" and equate that somehow to pre-order bonuses being the reason but I have a strong feeling they just take that as "well people don't want to pay as much" and that's when games just get reduced in price. Halo 4 pre-order bonuses were announced, and they are armor patterns and badge designs. Two completely unnecessary items that only marginally affect your gameplay experience, and that is assuming you actually care about customization that much, yet people bash the game and its publisher/developer for it like they are going to end the world on launch day with their pre-order bonuses.

Is this just typical "gamer hedonism", and by that I mean you have be complaining about SOMETHING or you just aren't gamer enough or do people honestly think that posting a comment on these announcements about how they disapprove of the pre-order bonuses is really going to make in impact?

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