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Kokopuff avatar 6:41 AM on 10.16.2013
Solid Snake - Plastic Fantastic!

There's plenty of merchandise for pretty much all the AA, A and B...and C games out there, everything from posters and t-shirts, and there's plenty for the gamers to choose from. 
One of the best (or worst, depending on how you think of the situation) is the Metal Gear series when it comes to merch.

The metal gear solid series has everything you could expect for a AA-game when it comes to merchandise, shirts, posters, toys, you name it, they have it. But there's on categorey of stuff that MGS really stands out when it comes to gaming stuff, and that's the crazy amount of different plastic figures this games offers,
You can get Solid Snake as a figure in pretty much any clothing he would ever wear in the game, and of coures you can get most of the main characters from the games in fabulous plastic.

I included some of the many many MGS figures down below in the gallery, and if you want to see more you can head over to Metal Gear Solid Merchandise for a huge list of MGS stuff.

(my personal favorite is the fat snake, wtf is going on with his legs? too many cookies?)

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