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Kokopuff avatar 7:12 AM on 10.28.2013  (server time)
Beautiful Claude Action Figure - GTA III

The fact that I grew up with GTA 3 as one of my favorite games is probably one of the biggest reasons why I think the gta series is so awesome. 

Being a huge fan of GTA and GTA III since the release way back you can imagen I love this little figure when I first found him, I give you the Claude Action figure!

This tiny little 12 inch figure looks even better then Claude do in the game, less pixles may have helped. This little gun nut comes with 8 weapons from the game, a Knife, Sub machine gun and Sniper rifle just to name a few. He also have a change of clothing from his regular one, some bright and orange prison jumpsuit that also looks fantastic.

Sadly I never got my hands on this limited edition figure before it was sold out (only 1,500 copies were made), my hopes are that Rockstar will some day start making these Claude figures once again.

I'll leave you with some pretty pictures and a link where you can find more info on the figure and a bunch of other GTA merchandise over at Foxygamer
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