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Kokopuff's blog

3:10 AM on 12.02.2013

Nathan Drake - You so handsome!

I love Uncharted, I love it even more then toast, I love it even more then The Last of Us. And I know Uncharted 4 will be the reason I eventually buy a Playstation 4.  And I know I will pee my pants when the Uncharted movie comes out. But for now I'll just show my new fancy Drake T-shirt I ordered. I love you Drake *kissiekissie* Found at Foxygamer Uncharted Merchandise   read

7:12 AM on 10.28.2013

Beautiful Claude Action Figure - GTA III

The fact that I grew up with GTA 3 as one of my favorite games is probably one of the biggest reasons why I think the gta series is so awesome.  Being a huge fan of GTA and GTA III since the release way back you can imagen I...   read

6:41 AM on 10.16.2013

Solid Snake - Plastic Fantastic!

There's plenty of merchandise for pretty much all the AA, A and B...and C games out there, everything from posters and t-shirts, and there's plenty for the gamers to choose from.  One of the best (or worst, depending on how y...   read

3:36 AM on 10.05.2013

Fancy-smancy TF2 T-shirts

TF2 has some crazy amount of merchandise, there's every type of merchandise you could ever imagen for Team fortress 2, toys, ballonicorns, t-shirts, posters, amount many many things. Valve quickly realised that their fans had...   read

5:16 AM on 10.03.2013

Minecraft Bling and Jewelry - Time to shine

Minecraft is one of the most milked game series out there when it comes to merchandise, there's everything from silly hats to t-shirts with that bloody Steve on it, some are major poop and other merch is quite frankly abit fa...   read

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