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Hi destructoid, I'm kohtaro. I have been reading destructoid since late 2008 and let me tell you. I like you guys (especially your reviews, Jim damn you rock!). I should now introduce myself properly *ahem*.

I'm a 17,5 years old kid who is in a high school. I have grades good enough to knock out 80% of the class because apparently, my class is more interesed in panties, bust and sex than school. Shame on them, no future for them.

I'm a doom modder (you can check up my best doom mods on like Xenus Revisited and Dark Caliber) which has been mapping for that legendary game for about 6 years now. The current mod i'm developing, Xenus 3 may not require doom at all in future but we will see. You can bet it will have 100% original resources. You can check the gameplay video from the tech-demo map here:

I'm also an arcade player (no no not xbox arcade or anything) which plays arcade games only on one coin. You may like it or not but I enjoy arcade games best that way. I dislike Cave games (post-Guwange anyway) because they're overrated as heck and are just about showing off bullet count. My last "big" 1cc was definitely Battle Bakraid's Advanced 1cc, I checked around MARP, TG and turns out i'm officially the first player to 1cc the advanced course. Replay is up on MARP (bkraidu) if you're interesed but i'd better give you links to the youtube version. Check it out:

My first console was a NES, my parents gave it to me when I was 4. I enjoyed playing Tetris, Shatterhand, Shadow of the Ninja, TMNT 2: The arcade game, Dragon Castle, Ironsword. You name it guys. After that in 1999. I got a PSX, sweet jesus, I still have it and it's working beautifully (though it went through 2 laser changes), in 2003 I got a ps2 and it's also still working like a charm minus CD/PS1 games. in Late 2008 I got myself a PS3, that stuff is 100% sweet. I do not buy many games due lack of money, I often sold my old games to buy new ones. But you have to do it somehow right?

I also think every game above 6.0 deserves a playthrough like Timeshift, Killer 7, Beatdown: Fists of vengeance, Wolfenstein 2009. You name it, don't take reviews seriously, play the games yourselves because you know what is good and what is bad for you.

You probably think now, you are an under-age, why do you play violent games? I'll answer that, I have no problems with telling difference what is a reality and what is not the reality. I have no problems either telling what is bad and what is good. I have been just raised properly. Sadly many modern kids are not raised properly because either parents are stupid or don't have time to talk with their kids about their problems, teaching them what is right, what is bad, what is real, what is unreal. You name it. I could go on ranting about that but that better be left for an another time.

Hope you enjoyed reading this introduction guys. Kohtaro out! I'm glad to be here.
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