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8:09 AM on 05.06.2009

Sorry, no Street Fighter: Podtoid Edition DVD for the masses (yet) + More!

Several weeks ago the Podtoid guys did a hilarious commentary over the 1995 smash hit Street Fighter: The Movie. Now me being me i decided to make this commentary an actual audio track that plays with the movie as opposed to an external mp3 player. Now this project was initially supposed to be a simple movie DVD but i wanted to improve it. I ended up adding an animated menu, subtitles, ‘re mastered’ movie audio (made it louder basically) and to top it off (my favourite part of the whole thing) a Capcom/Destructoid logo introduction.

(Click pic for youtube video)

After finishing it, i showed it to my friends and posted it on the Destructoid forums. Being pleasantly surprised at everyone’s nice comments and having many messages asking where they could get a copy, I wanted to work out a way of giving this to people legally. The way to do it is give people the base files (not including the movie) with instructions on how to compile it all together with their own SF DVDs. Over the last few weeks I have tried out many freeware DVD authoring apps but none of them seem to be able to create the menu how DVD Architect 4 (commercial software/what i use) does. So i have kinda given up for now unless someone has a good idea. Also it probably wouldn't work with other region versions of the film other than PAL, otherwise it gets kinda complicated.

Anyway, I recently bought the Super Mario Bros. and Mortal Kombat movies on DVD in anticipation of future commentaries and couldn’t resist making this...

(Click pic for youtube video)

Yeah so er....i hope they do a Mario Bros commentary or i just wasted a few hours. :P   read

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