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KoKoO Psy avatar 1:48 PM on 06.08.2009  (server time)
Something to Mull Over: Mario Party x WarioWare

While considering a game for the June monthly musing, a interesting idea sprung to my mind. An idea in which two of Nintendo's most milked franchises were to do a crossover, resulting in what sounds to me as an interesting change of pace.

Basically, it would still be a Mario Party game. Featuring all the dull dice rolling, and 4 player head to head minigames we have come to love and hate. The twist however, that would make it unique is that for every tile you step on, you would be hit with a microgame.

A example of this would be, someone rolls a 5. At the end of their turn once you have walked 5 tiles, they would be hit with 5 mini games in a row. Naturally penalties and rewards would apply according to how successful one was at clearing these microgames, and which tiles you stepped on before you were assaulted by them.

The way I see it, Mario Party is kind of dead. In some regards, this idea could possibly work. However, it could also be just another gimmick to continue the slaughter of quality in the franchise. But it is something to mull over.

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