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KoKoO Psy avatar 12:17 PM on 09.07.2009  (server time)
Here we go; Chet game forged!

Through the slaughter of countless dragons, I acquired enough material to forge a game based on the everyday tale of Brad 'Chet' Nicholson.

'Ikuzo! Cheto!'

Whilst many of you probably spend your weekend doing either more or less productive things then I did. I think that by the end of this post, my effort was worth while.

Sporting a variational pixel art style, with discrepancies and oddities riddled through out the visual presentation. The game puts you in the shoes of Chet, with only one goal, to follow the golden paved road to glory.

The game also features no sound. Enabling the player to further make a experience tailoring to their taste and liking. Sound effects are also executed remotely through oral means, involving the player even more so, then ever before.

The story delves deep into the mysteries surrounding the past times of Chet. His life out side of being a write for Destructoid, where he slaves away at his keyboard, trying his hardest not to break the keys with the force of his 'guns'.

Promising up to a minute of gameplay if not more, this expansive tale rivals all before it.

A one man made game, rivaling greats, such as Cave Story and the two man made, World of Goo.

Are you ready for the next generation in future entertainment! Because the wait is over!


Left Arrow=Move Left
Right Arrow=Move Right

Shameless self advertising to follow;
Awesome Game Reflective Art

Download Here

Also, If DeadMovieStar sees this; I am coming for you, and you will be dethroned!
(If i can be bother beyond this point...)

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KoKoO Psy

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