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KoKoO Psy's blog

7:32 AM on 11.30.2009

Look what showed up! (SHORTBLOG)

It is amazing, and I would just like to thank Destructoid for letting us Euro kids partake in the competition festivities.

Please let it happen again!   read

2:51 AM on 09.12.2009

Max WotA (Super Short Blog)

Max; a Warrior of the Arctic!

Scribblenauts is my jam, and that's that!

This happens!

If people don't own this game, they are missing out!

This is ridiculous!
I tamed a frigging T-REX, by feeding it cows. I mounted it, gave it a classy top hat. Got myself Night vision goggles that work, and a lance!

For the most part, i have just been playing in the sand box that is the main screen, and it is Amazing!


12:17 PM on 09.07.2009

Here we go; Chet game forged!

Through the slaughter of countless dragons, I acquired enough material to forge a game based on the everyday tale of Brad 'Chet' Nicholson.

'Ikuzo! Cheto!'

Whilst many of you probably spend your weekend doing either more or less productive things then I did. I think that by the end of this post, my effort was worth while.

Sporting a variational pixel art style, with discrepancies and oddities riddled through out the visual presentation. The game puts you in the shoes of Chet, with only one goal, to follow the golden paved road to glory.

The game also features no sound. Enabling the player to further make a experience tailoring to their taste and liking. Sound effects are also executed remotely through oral means, involving the player even more so, then ever before.

The story delves deep into the mysteries surrounding the past times of Chet. His life out side of being a write for Destructoid, where he slaves away at his keyboard, trying his hardest not to break the keys with the force of his 'guns'.

Promising up to a minute of gameplay if not more, this expansive tale rivals all before it.

A one man made game, rivaling greats, such as Cave Story and the two man made, World of Goo.

Are you ready for the next generation in future entertainment! Because the wait is over!


Left Arrow=Move Left
Right Arrow=Move Right

Shameless self advertising to follow;
Awesome Game Reflective Art

Download Here

Also, If DeadMovieStar sees this; I am coming for you, and you will be dethroned!
(If i can be bother beyond this point...)   read

4:13 AM on 08.08.2009

Chet VS Browntown Fanart (Sounds Stupid!)

Ok, so i can not remember if it was on Podtoid, or in the forum. But someone made a point of imagining the scenario where Brad and Samit would face each other in the Moon Stadium.

After a few hours, and a lot of boredom, this picture was forged from my very own two hands.

Samit duel-wielding baseball bats and golf clubs as a back up, are no match to Chet and his lone dumbbell.
Am I right?

Enjoy!   read

1:48 PM on 06.08.2009

Something to Mull Over: Mario Party x WarioWare

While considering a game for the June monthly musing, a interesting idea sprung to my mind. An idea in which two of Nintendo's most milked franchises were to do a crossover, resulting in what sounds to me as an interesting change of pace.

Basically, it would still be a Mario Party game. Featuring all the dull dice rolling, and 4 player head to head minigames we have come to love and hate. The twist however, that would make it unique is that for every tile you step on, you would be hit with a microgame.

A example of this would be, someone rolls a 5. At the end of their turn once you have walked 5 tiles, they would be hit with 5 mini games in a row. Naturally penalties and rewards would apply according to how successful one was at clearing these microgames, and which tiles you stepped on before you were assaulted by them.

The way I see it, Mario Party is kind of dead. In some regards, this idea could possibly work. However, it could also be just another gimmick to continue the slaughter of quality in the franchise. But it is something to mull over.   read

6:07 PM on 06.02.2009

Conference Announcements; Nintendo burns.

So, I though I would share my views of what went down at Nintendo’s E3 conference from earlier today. Regarding new announcements of course. For the most part, it was utter bull. But the show is still young, and some titles may have yet to show themselves.

The Bad News…

Mertoid: Other M
Since when was Metroid a ‘story heavy 3d roaming sci-fi action game‘? That’s right, NEVER! From the looks of things, it is crap. Metroid is about exploration, and blasting your way through some enemies along the way.

Bottom Line: Team Ninja, show me your moves.

Super Mario Galaxy 2
So, I didn’t like the first one. It was a great design and technical feat, beautiful to boast. But it was also to easy for its own good, repetitive and boring. Sure, I blew through the whole star count in about a week, only to do it all over again the following week. But truth be told the game is more fun to watch being played, then it is to play yourself. This also feels a bit lazy…..

Bottom Line: You got Yoshi…… and that’s about it.

Wii Fit Plus
Yea….. This……

Bottom Line: Don’t need machines telling ME how to exercise.

Vitality Sensor
Swell, great, moving on.

Bottom Line: Might be interesting in the Horror game space, otherwise, I don’t get it.

Divide Opinion~

Golden Sun DS
A great set of GBA games, and this could no doubt be equally amazing. But the art style, and that character are just not doing it for me. Well mostly the character. Not sure I dig 3D, but I am cool with it. But the character needs a redesign.

Bottom Line: Sure to be great, I believe in you Camelot!

New Super Mario Bros. Wii
4 players; I am in! 2 playable Toads; colour me skeptical. Annoying Drifting/Sliding mechanic; GTFO Nintendo. The DS original was a good game, but the way it controlled and drifted, it was more lose then a granny fanny. Get it fixed, and I might be on board. Online play would be a nice gesture.

Bottom Line: Fix the controls. Also, needs more Wario.

Great News!

Mario VS Donkey Kong
The GBA original was awesome, some of the best stuff the handheld saw. The DS game, I hear was good as well. But now this cuts the cake for me. I am addicted to level editors! So if it is anything that I imagine it to be, I would love it, and it would be amazing.

Bottom Line: Could possibly sell me on the DSi.

I hope the following days bring more joy. I know I might be one of the few who are disappointed in all this so called hardcore titles. But believe me, Sin and Punishment 2 shows me some love. I think Nintendo has done better then last time, but you know something is wrong when they only got applauded twice through the whole conference.

Also, Hoshi no Kirby would like to be confirmed.

EDIT: I also wanna note 2 things.
1. Pauline in MvsD is just epic.
2. Like 4 Mario games, and no new IP... C'mon!   read

4:57 PM on 06.02.2009


So I wrote this whole rant about E3, in the Browser Blog thingy, and now it is all gone, the page just reloaded itself back to the blog post list.


I hate this shit.

Lesson Learned: Never use the browser thingy, it won't let you save half way, and if it breaks, it all goes down the drain.   read

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