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1:59 PM on 09.20.2010

MNC Addiction + Hollywoods

So with all the stuff going on in my life right now, it's kind of wacky that I'm leading this post with Monday Night Combat, but... I'm hopelessly addicted to it right now. I know that whole "Halo" thing is going on and I plan on jumping on that bandwagon soon, but for $10 MNC is just PEACHY.

There's enough depth there with the classes and the Blitz/Crossfire modes to keep meoccupied, despite the limited number of maps (Com'on DLC!). I'm just a sucker for shooters that have any ounce of strategy or team play involved. I now officially loathe CoD just because it's so much of a twitch shooter and there's little, if any, strategy there except for "use this gun and this gun with this perk" and "go this path and take out the guys running around that one corner."

MNC offers the whole money system element. Do I spend my Banana Bucks on upgrades for myself? Turrets for the base (oh how I love turrets)? Or maybe just spawn some bots to ravage the enemy base? If the other team is using a lot of one class, you can counter with another, attack their defenses with long shots or suicide juice runs... it's just a lot easier to adapt to the other team's play style and counter. I would kill for a full retail game with more maps, classes, customization.


My video/writing group and I are leaving for LA in 6 DAYS to meet with Jim Carrey/Will Ferrell's manager, talk to Paramount Pictures and tour G4TV's studios, the past 2 months waiting for this have been agonizing. I haven't taken up a new job since getting fired/quitting from Best Buy simply because in the off chance that they just hand us stacks of cash to make a movie/tv show/web show I won't have to abandon a new job. Been doing freelance work to pay the bills in the meantime.

We've come up with, what we think are, three good ideas to present to them. We'll see if anyone else finds us funny besides ourselves, soon.

We also have forged a deal with to live-stream our 30 hour drivefrom Kansas City to LA as well as the rest of the week-long trip as a "featured broadcaster," which should make the drive more fun, we'll see how it goes. We did some testing and it actually works pretty good over 3G cards with a 2-3 camera setup, but this rental car is going to be WIRED to the brim, with 3 laptops, 3 cameras, lights (oh God) and of course, games/DVD's. I might want to live in this car after we get done with it.

Dtoid, if you're bored, feel free to follow along at I would love you for at least, but not limited to, 8 years. If nothing else, you might see us get drunk and kicked out of the state for being too midwestern.

Also might be going to NYC randomly for a day, they're showing our video at a Comedy Film Fest and have offered to fly me there FO FREE. I can't turn down a free anything.   read

3:01 PM on 08.16.2010

On G4 Tonight...

So, tonight I'm a guest on G4's Attack of the Show. It's kind of nerve racking. I'm trying not to think about. In reality more people probably watch the local news here and saw me on there than on G4, but it's still live and nationwide...

We also posted first sort of behind the scenes video here: , As we travel to LA we plan to sort of film any shenanigans that happen along the way.

When this is all done tonight, I'm coming home, buying some MS moonbucks and playing some Monday Night Combat.   read

11:13 PM on 08.11.2010

The Chaos Continues!

Blarg, all this crap is like a soap opera. Since our last blog post the following has happened:

-Paramount Pictures invites us to L.A.
-Will Ferrel/Jim Carrey's manager invites us to L.A.
-Independent Film Channel enjoys our work but has no room in the budget for us
-G4 (whom I worked for for a summer) asks me to be on Attack of the Show next week.

This is totally crazy bonanza time for me. I keep thinking I'll wake up and be blogging about Monday Night Combat or something instead of this today, but so far the totem always stops spinning. The G4 thing is especially weird since I used to "work" there for a bit as a consultant. I dunno that they even remember that.

So we've decided to start documenting everything on video, maybe it will be interesting to somebody someday. I don't like to hang out in the limelight, I'm a pretty quiet guy usually, so hopefully the other 4 guys on our team can get some face time as well.

We're heading to LA the last week of September to sell our souls, but it's just plain agonizing waiting. Hypersleep sounds pretty good right about now.   read

1:39 AM on 07.28.2010

What a month.

Shit, it's been a crazy month. Every week I think it will end but then something else happens. It's hard to believe all this is over a YouTube video I made in 30 minutes that was supposed to be an injoke at work, which then ballooned into a YouTube hit, my suspension from work, a media circus and now floods of freelance jobs and various studios knocking on the door.

It's slightly infuriating as well, as everyone is like "DO MORE CARTOON THINGS" and I understand those were funny, but they're so cheaply made. I hate to be a broken record and keep banging that drum. Plus, our comedy troupe has been working on (what we think is) really stellar live action stuff for awhile but no one seems quite as interested in that. Maybe it's because we haven't really edited together that stuff and showed it off (which takes a hell of a lot longer than the Xtranormal cartoons). Not to say I'm totally against animation, infact I love the stuff, but I don't want to keep relying on such cheap animation tools much longer. Maybe we can strike a balance between the two genres...

This week is the culmination of everything, said studios are talking to us in the next few days, we really have no idea if they even want anything, other than just to say hi, but we're hoping they are going to help us put some of our projects out at the level we want. We have a few comedic webseries we've scripted out and then a truckload of short sketches/skits as well. Problem is, our camera guy, musician & actor all have day jobs, so it's hard to get those things busted out. I hate to say money solves everything, but it would certainly help get things rolling faster.

And then today, I do an media interview and one of the producers is like "HEY WHY DON'T YOU HAVE AN AGENT, YOU NEED A PUBLICIST, GO TO L.A. AND SHOP YOUR IDEAS, YOU NEED TO HURRY!" which is all great except that requires money and let's not forget that I have no steady job right now. We're currently debating if we're worth doing something as crazy as driving to L.A. and knocking on doors. Part of me worries that it would be a huge waste of time and what little funds I have, but the other part is screaming " HURRY UP YOU NEED TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS SHIT," at the top of it's lungs, beating me over the head with a hammer.

Shit, I dunno, it's hard to plan anything when the picture changes everyday. Who knows WTF will happen tomorrow.

Somehow in the midst of all of this I have made a little progress on Mass Effect 2, which I bought just as this thing went down. I just love sci-fi RPG's, especially ones as story driven as this one. It's the first RPG where I actually want to do all the side quests and talk to everyone. At times it does seem more like an interactive movie, but that doesn't really bother me as much as I'd thought.

Anyway, that's enough paragraphs for now, if you read this far down, I owe you a Coke or Pepsi, your choice.

-KS   read

5:11 PM on 07.02.2010

Finally a break from media circus...

Well it's been an exciting & kind of nerve racking few days, but I for the first time since Thurs. morning I'm not being called by reporters & radio stations.

So now the task at hand is recovery & assessing what the eff just happened. Seems like Best Buy isn't going to sue my pants off or anything, I have no plans to sue theirs, so kind of relieved on that front.

I'm amazed at the outpouring of support from the interwebs, just emails, tweets & YouTube comments all flooding, I can't read them all but I plan to do so over the next week or so. It's kind of all ridiculous, seeing as I'm just a guy sells phones & made a really simple YouTube video. It's kind of frustrating as well, because other projects I lots of time on garnered hardly any views, but I guess that's how YouTube operates, you never know what's gonna catch on.

Have some big decisions to mull over the holiday weekend. BBY seems to be interested in letting me keep my job, but I've also gotten a few temp job offers here & there. Not sure whether to stay with the sure job or move on out to what I really want to do, which is digital media (games, videos, animation, anything like that) but have no guaranteed work.. What does Dtoid think?

(If you're totally lost, check my last blog post for the full story.)   read

9:24 PM on 07.01.2010

I made the news! And probably lost my job.

Yeah so I guess I created a thing and that thing made other things mad. I dunno what really to say, or if I can say much, other than this whole thing is silly.

Is Dtoid hiring janitors?   read

12:16 AM on 06.22.2010

6/22 Comic: Olivia Munn & Jaffe's Genitals

I don't think I've whored it here, but I do run a totally unsuccessful webcomic every Tuesday & Thursday.

This week I touch on Olivia Munn's rather terrible interview with David Jaffe in the middle of E3 (not that any of her interviews are really stellar). Apparently it was not as awkward as it appeared on air, as Jaffe tweeted that it was all in jest & no hard feelings were exchanged, but I still wonder if maybe he was asked to deny the awkwardness by the network.

There's also a nice long rant about the network, how it sucks, my short stint "working" there and I think I put something about how the word Jaffe reminds me of Giraffes for some reason. Or maybe that got cut out.

Comic is below or visit the comic's site to read others.


9:58 PM on 06.11.2010

E3 Excitement Rage Builds!

I think I might be in the minority here, I picture myself in a room labeled "Hardcore gamers excited about motion controls" and 3 of the other people in here are drunk, 2 are lost and 1 has a learning disability.

I used to be in the disposition of "Please don't let all these non-nerds play with our toys," when the Wii came around but now I've shifted to being excited because it means I can show off the wonders of technology through games to the uninitiated friends. I recently got a Wii (and a Wii Fit) and while I do miss M rated gore-fests, I have to admit it's pretty cool what we can do with this shit now, motion plus & balance board specifically. I'm just really hoping that they (Natal, specifically) doesn't suck or have a weird lag to it. But I guess if it does end up sucking, we can catch it on clearance and use it as a lazy menu navigation input.

I'm kind of a list guy so the five things I hope blow my mind or else I'll be disappointed & cry for awhile list is below:
1. Project Natal
2. Nintendo 3DS
3. Halo Reach
4. Rock Band 3
5. Beyond Good & Evil 2 (JUST SHOW SOMETHING PLEASE!!)

And oh shit, here's a BONUS LIST I found in the hamper. Top 3 things I hope suck and die:
1. PS3D (or more specifically, any glasses based 3D. That shit really sucks for anyone who already has glasses)
2. Call of Duty: Black Ops (although I like Treyarch, I think we can all agree the best thing for the series is for it to fail so Activision will stop pile driving it into the ground)
3.Wii Vitality Sensor (This shouldn't exist anyway)

Lastly, if anyone is still following our arcade project: not much going on still, as I said before we won't really start rolling until the fall, but here's some more logo concepts.


4:26 PM on 05.14.2010

Arcade Planning Continues + My First Wii

So I've gathered a lot of feedback for the arcade my friend & I are proposing to open, from here and various other forums, it's kind of crazy trying to organize all of these ideas into one presentable concept, but slowly a picture is starting to emerge from the blurriness.

I am a graphic design dropout (but I'm going back, I swear!), so I've been tinkering with some name's and logos. Here's a quick taste of two of the proposed names and rough drafts of possible logos:

I really, really like the name "Gamer's Republic" but we haven't decided yet. That logo is really Tron inspired but I'm thinking of another one that is more... republic-y. Other possible names include "Also Coin Operated," "Joysticks" (which sounds too "gay club" to me), "Game On Arcade," "Geek Heaven" and the current front runner "Fantastic Dan's Gaming Emporium."

In my last post someone suggested we have local food places deliver to gamers in the arcade on demand, which is something that's really resonated with us, so we're looking into that as well and getting the business plan put together to get the loan.

The bad news is that the other half of the ownership is in Africa or Afghanistan or somewhere serving the country until the end of the year, so we won't be able to really start physically getting it together until then.

In other news, I got a Wii. A black one. Am I racist? I just want a Wii that a man can own and be proud of.

Also, it wasn't even for me, it was a gift for my girlfriend. I'm not even jealous or concerned that she is loving the black Wii, probably moreso than if I had got the white one. I haven't seen any games yet that are real interesting to me, except for the Virtual Console stuff, so I don't even play it.

Except when no one's watching.   read

1:01 AM on 05.04.2010

Your ideal gaming/arcade lounge?

Oh my dtoid blog... I should really pay more attention to you.

Dtoiders, I humbly request your input:

A friend & I are in the early process of starting up a kind of hybrid arcade/gaming lounge that would basically be a geek haven. We're planning on having arcade machines (classic & current), consoles (classic & current), PC LAN & tabletop games as well.

If it's not too much trouble... if you were in my shoes, what would you include? What types of arcade games & console games would be must haves? What kind of events would be fun? We're both big gamers and have our own ideas but we're trying to make sure our idea of a nerd heaven lines up with others' ideas as well.

If all goes well we hope to get it open early next year!   read

10:52 PM on 10.05.2009

My "Unlock Xbox" video...

I hate to pull a "haven't posted forever but comes back to spam something" post, but I rarely do something I feel like I can show off.

This is my (and my cohort's) Unlock Xbox video below. We took a look at the competition and decided it would be a crime NOT to try our hand at a video. It was all filmed in about 4 days and then edited over the course about 13 hours (non-stop even, ugh.)

The basic premise is that a retired-rave-techno-dancer must come out of retirement to take down a new government (called Theman) which is taking away all forms of entertainment. He discovers that rave dancing is their one (and only) weakness, so in effect he is mankind's only hope.

All music is made using ezmuze on Xbox Indie Games.

Please excuse the poor resolution, our HD version was neutered by the upload limit:

[embed]151065:23299[/embed]   read

3:15 AM on 03.06.2009

Watchmen: Um... erm...

So it's 3AM, I was conned into going to the midnight screening of Watchmen, a movie I knew mostly nothing about, other than it was a super hero movie but not the run of the mill type.

I just gotta say... WTF?

Really, that was my reaction throughout the whole movie. We asked each other at least 3 times "What is this movie about?!" Now, eventually it all made sense, but I left the theater feeling rather unimpressed. It reminded me of a serious version of Mystery Men... which doesn't bode well.

Maybe it was the weaving plot which sort of meandered itself around and slowly threw pieces together, maybe it was because I knew nothing of the backstory, maybe it was the giant blue dick they kept flashing on Dr. Manhattan, or maybe it was MEANT to be this way, but I feel completely neutral on whether the movie was amazing or asstacular (even though there were many ass shots!).

Stepping outside the theater, there were large crowds of people talking about it, all of them with varied reactions, everywhere from "BEST MOVIE EVER!" to "Holy shit that was terrible!" and my favorite "OMG BLUE DICKS EVERYWHERE."

Perhaps it's a movie you have to see twice to truly "get it," but the first word I can toss out is "over-hyped." The geek community and all the movie/comic sites have been going ape-shit over this movie forever and while I never really bothered to go wiki-research the series, I did see the Watchmen headlines nearly daily in my RSS feeds, so I kind of expected a lot. The thing that probably bothers me most is the backstory. There's so much about the characters and world they never explain that I WANTED to know (Do they even HAVE super powers? Are there MORE super heroes? What was the gov'ts involvement in super heroes? etc.) that they never really touch on.

The only thing I can guess is that perhaps this was a movie made for the fans of the series so perhaps they got a bigger thrill out of it. It wasn't a terrible movie by any means, but I wouldn't go ranking it in any of my Top 10 Super Hero Movie lists. Maybe when the extended DVD comes out, I'll get more of the picture, but until then...

SCORE: &&& out of &&&&&   read

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