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Knivy's blog

11:31 AM on 07.22.2008

Kirby Force Assemble!

Hopefully I'll find more recruits at Comic-Con :)   read

2:04 AM on 05.06.2008

Audiosurf Gets Massive Update

I just opened Steam a few mins ago and received the pleasant surprise that Audiosurf got a massive update .

The FM update introduces a host of new features and content including audioscrobbling, the ability to run Audiosurf as a music visualizer, scoreboard comments, and much more. Many of these new features were produced as a direct result of community requests and feedback.

In addition, this update introduces a Mod interface for developers. The interface was made available during its beta phase and several Audiosurf extensions are already available. These include Shuffle Play, an MSN Messenger status writer, and a context menu that can launch Audiosurf directly into a song by right-clicking it in Windows Explorer. A full list of the Audiosurf extentions is available here:

The full list of new stuff and fixes is here, the ones that get the most attention from me are:

Comments tab on every song's scoreboard

Will this be used to trash talk? Criticize songs? Give recommendations? Spam? Only time will tell.

Customized player news on the song loading screen (when friends last played, songs you're champion of, etc...)

I like this, it gives me a reason to take the time to add friends.

Added Vegas ability: generate a random powerup every 60 seconds

I guess there was a disadvantage for the Vegas character, not sure if this will balance things though.

Eraser Elite now has 8 rows of tiles (like Pusher Elite)

I have to say, at first I thought this was good, then i realized I don't remember how many rows it originally had =/.

Maximum song length extended to 60 minutes
Yay!!! I can listen to some podcasts while playing now :P, also really really long songs. Should I do a 1 time contest thing with a 60min song?

Last.FM audioscrobbling

I just like this because I started using like a week or two ago.

I'll try to get on with checking the mods later in the week, I also have yet to try using custom textures.   read

4:55 AM on 05.03.2008

[AS Contest] (Final) Week 10 Winner

Rules of the contest can be found here.

Congrats K2!!! How awesome of you getting the top spot. K2 and Timepants, contact me for redeeming your points.

This is it folks, thanks everyone who participated, I'll try to get another thing going soon with a different pc game ;).   read

9:32 PM on 04.27.2008

[AS Contest] Week 10 Song

Rules of the contest can be found here.

Last week was won by TimePants, I still don't know if he's gonna redeem his point or not, but I'll update this once I know.

This week's song was one of my favorites from an AS giveaway I had when the game came out, so what better way to end this contest than with one of the songs that gave me the idea. This week's song is an Earthbound remix, Snowbound by Blind, and it can be downloaded from here, this week will be Ninja Mono Only

Thursday Update

Also, since Timepants kept his point in play, if you beat his top score, and stay on first place till tomorrow. on last week's song then you steal his point.   read

12:44 PM on 04.26.2008

[AS Contest] Week 9 Winner

Rules of the contest can be found here.

Low turn out was low, congrats TimePants on winning again, talk to me on Steam if you want to redeem your point!

Just 1 more week left.   read

11:08 PM on 04.20.2008

[AS Contest] Week 9 Song

Rules of the contest can be found here.

Last week was won near the end by Time Pants, who redeemed his points for some weird creatures on some weird game.

This week's song will be Pointman Elite Only, made by our very own GuitarAtomik and dedicated to CTZ, he's a shark and you know what to do (besides downloading the song from here).

The end is near :O.



12:35 AM on 04.19.2008

[AS Contest]Week 8 Winner

Rules of the contest can be found here.

Low turn out this week, I would like to think it was because of the character, since the song was pretty cool and also way different from everything else I've been using.

Anyway, congrats TimePants!!! Talk to me on Steam if you want to redeem your point!

For everyone else, I'm accepting recommendations for the last 2 songs :)... now back to TF2 FNF.   read

4:40 PM on 04.17.2008

Dtoid Cancun: MOAR JIM IN TUB

Ah Cancun...epic times were really epic...

Following Aerox's footsteps, here are almost all the other videos besides the Lobster Milkshake one.

Crappy video, but Jim's voice is awesome:

I should've gotten more video of the struggle, but I just never imagined it would take like 10 mins to open a bottle of wine:

Crappy video again, now of CTZ's cake, a better one can be found with BSD:

Husky was happy dancing in the darkness:


Lastly, 3 mins of Jim and Husky:

I miss you all!!! :(   read

6:25 PM on 04.13.2008

[Audiosurf Contest] Week 8 Song. UPDATE: Song Closed

Rules of the contest can be found here.

Last 2 weeks were made into one big 20 mins insane song that I'm glad to say didn't kill anyone as far as I know.

Winners were TimePants on Dual V Pro, who redeemed his point in some fatalist matter, and WaveMaster on Ninja Mono, who took his 2 points and redeemed them for some dream journey.

Timepants (I think) recommended using something by The Kleptones, so i played a few songs and decided on "Know How Frogs Function" to be this week's song. You can download the song from here . It will be played on Pusher Elite Only

As you know I'll post updates during the week and do a final score check friday at 10:30 PM PST. If your name is different from the one here on dtoid and it's your first time participating then please say what it is :).



12:49 AM on 04.12.2008

[AS Contest] Week 6 & 7 Winner

I know, the song was super long but don't worry, karma got back at me for you and gave me an insanely super busy week (Thank god it's over) at school.

Anyway, the winners were:

Timepants on the Dual V Pro

Wavemaster on Ninja Mono

Also no one beated Wavemaster's score for week's 5 song, so he still keeps that point.

I'm taking recommendations, not only for song but also for character and difficulty :).   read

1:58 AM on 04.09.2008

[AS Contest] Week 6&7 Reminders

Rules of the contest can be found here.

Small reminder that this and last week are using the same song, a lot of people have done the Ninja Mono run but only one person has done the Dual V Pro one.

Also don't forget that week's 5 song is still in play and that you can steal WaveMaster's point if you beat his score.

I'll be checking scores on friday at 10:30 pm PST :).   read

3:30 AM on 04.07.2008

Dtoid Cancun: "Everything Is Possible" Button Is A Lie

Back from Cancun!!

I have a lot of pictures and a couple of vids, but this one took foreeeeeever to upload and stupid life outside of paradise has homework and three presentations for different classes during the week, so don't know how much I'll be able to post before next weekend.

Anyway, this happened during the last day when we were leaving Fronz in the hotel next to ours before we went to the airport.

Aerox was reading from the menu/brochure and he saw that the phone had an "order anything , everything is possible" button, so someone came up with the idea of trying to order a lobster milkshake and Tazar, being the amazing man that he is, stepped up to do it without laughing (seriously how the hell did you do that?)

[embed]80255:10069[/embed]   read

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