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Knivy avatar 4:42 PM on 02.24.2008  (server time)
Epic Audiosurf Contest Rules

Remember my post were I asked for feedback on the next Audiosurf contest? Well after some thinking I came up with this...


It will be a 10 week contest, with the biggest possible prize being the Valve Complete Pack (or something of equal value).

Here's how it works:

-Every Sunday I'll make a post with the song of the week. I'll be accepting highscore* pics** for the song on that blog from the time it is posted till Friday night at 10:30PM PST.

-The winner of the week will get 1 point, each point is worth up to $10 for ONE*** Steam game/pack.

-The winner of the week will have the weekend to decide if they want to redeem the point or try to accumulate more by keeping their points in play. They'll tell me if they want to redeem it via PM, Steam chat or leaving a comment on the Sunday post before the day is over. If they don't then it will be considered that they are keeping their points in play.

-Keeping the points in play means that if by the end of that week, when I declare the weekly winner, they lost the top spot on a previous song, the new highscorer**** will have successfully stolen that song's point. In other words, to win big you have to risk losing everything you've won so far.

*In case of a tie, the tie breaker will be decided depending on the song.
**Pic are for this reason, although I'll try to maintain my leaderboard pic updated, just to be safe if you break the highscore, you don't see your name there or if it's different from the one on dtoid, please post one so I know who you are..
***This means no getting two $5 games with one point for example
****Only dtoiders that participated on that week will be able to steal a point, this to prevent some random new person from coming in and stealing everything near the end of the contest.

That's pretty much it, except for one thing...


Even when I love Dtoid and the community, this contest isn't gonna be cheap, so to calm the cheap side of me that says "Don't waste your fucking money you idiot!!", I got myself a point Reclaimer, a Warrior of Darkness.

The Reclaimer works for me, he's only allowed to steal points BUT if he steals a point, then that song is out of commission, and I get to save myself some cash .


Week 1: Snakeman's Opus. Winner: ConradZimmerman. Point Redeemed.

Week 2: the fucking contra band - player select through hangar Winner:Aciesethon. Point Redeemed

Week 3:
Stained Glass Filth- Goat Winner: Wave Master. Point Redeemed.

Week 4:
Destructoid Theme Song by I kill PXLS. Winner: Timepants. Point Redeemed.

Week 5:
Eternal Wind by Select Start. Winner: Wave Master. Point redeemed.

Week 6 & 7:
Outra by x|k.Winners: Time Pants and WaveMaster. Points Redeemed.

Week 8:
Know How Frogs Function by The Kleptones. Winner: TimePants. Point redeemed.

Week 9:
I'm a Shark rmx by I kill Pxls .

That's it, if you have any questions, need me to explain something better or think I'm missing something, please leave that in the comments. I'll be updating this with links to each week's song post.

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