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Knivy avatar 6:31 PM on 02.01.2009  (server time)
10 Things You Might Not Know About Knivy :O

So I woke up today after and found the Cblogs filled with blogs of like this, I hopped on IRC and I was told I should make one, so I did! It just took a bit to do it because I kept getting sidetracked with the Puppybowl cuteness and reading and commenting on the other blogs.

1.- I used to study videogames design in Guadalajara

Before that I studied at the Monterrey Tec, but didn't like how teachers and administrators looked down on the animation part of the career (which would've been my last 3 out of 8 semesters) and then I found out about another the other place so I changed school.

2.- I ended up in Communications

After one semester in Guadalajara my dad got diagnosed with cancer, so I had to go back to Tijuana and help out getting money and not spending it. I took a year off school and once my dad got better after having surgery I decided to go back. I got a bit tired from tech careers, and even when some friends told me I could do good in psychology, I still liked writing and things like that, so I ended up in Communications (I'm on my 4th semester now) because it has a bit of everything I like.

3.-Cat people yay!!

As far as I can remember I've had cats as pet. My love for cats started after watching a lot of Tom & Jerry, I hated how Tom was made to look like the bad guy even when Jerry was the one that started it, so I got a kitty and treated him well like he deserved (and of course, I named him Tom :P). Now I think that the media has something against cats, and that's why pretty much every cat (except maybe for Felix) is shown as the bad guy (even Top Cat, with his behind the alley business). This in no way means I hate dogs or mice.

Pic taken by me, special fx by Rocky :)

4.- I get along way better with girls than with guys.

From what I've been reading from the other "10 things" blogs this is kinda common among us here :).

It has its ups and downs for me, on the good side I get gifts ^_^ (candy, cake, coffee, tortas, sandwiches, cupcakes) often and I meet lots of girls, on the bad side it's really easy for me to get friend zoned (It's not rare for me to get a "Guys are jerks, except for you") and I have a tendency to have problems with the boyfriends of my friends.

5.-I didn't have an avatar for the longest time

I knew I should get one, but I really really liked the robot in the default one. I think I spent like a year before getting the one I have.

6.- I was with Dex in the male nerdcore contest back in the days

Click at your own risk :O

7.- I need to make gift wrapping special

It all started with the first xmas gift I bought for my best friend, I didn't want to wrap it normal like, so I made it look like it was wrapped last minute with torn up paper and the "to: from:" with crossed out names and below those ours. After that I got this obsession of making the wrapping of my 3 best friend's something awesome, weird or annoying, I think about that as much, or even more, than the gift.

Some of the wrapping I've taken picture of, I hate not having a picture of the one I wrapped with wax.

8.- I love sweets
Of everykind, I wouldn't be surprised if I already had diabetes :P, I eat cake, cookies, m&m's, kit kats, butterfingers, reese's (love pieces), duvalins, mazapan, tutsipops, ice cream all the time. I even carry sprinkles with me in my backpack :P.

My best friend and my dessert after eating on xmas eve's day

9.- I love Coffee
Supposedly my grandpa used to give sips when I was a baby, still, I can't get through the day without coffee, is not even that I get sleepy without it, I'm just used to having a nice latte after eating. I like coffee so much that my best friend's xmas present was a candy dispenser filled with chocolate covered espresso beans.

10.- I'm indecisive/impulsive
I overthink things a lot, so I'll end up thinking about doing something for the longest time ever, or just doing it without thinking.

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