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Knivy avatar 7:38 PM on 03.02.2008  (server time)
[Audiosurf Contest] Week 2 Song. UPDATE:Song Closed

Rules of the contest can be found here.

In previous posts Iíve said that Iím open to song recommendations (as long as you provide a link to where to get the song). Only a couple of you sent me something, one of those was Rockvillian with this weekís song. (Yeah, I took RFGO being about Contra this week as a sign).

This week will also be the first restricted one. This week will be Mono characters only (any difficulty is ok).

Remember, you have until Friday night at 10:30 PM PST to post or send me your score pic.

Last week was won by ConradZimmerman and he choose to redeem his point for a game he should have played some time ago.


Only a couple of screenshots have been received, remember that there is a reason why I ask for them, besides what I said on that post, so far every weekend since launch has had some sort of server issues, and there's that thing with people that don't have the same username here and on AS.

Next week will have a difficulty restriction, but I won't change anything for this week, It might not be Elite Ironmode, but it isn't that easy to get the highest score.

I think next week should have something calmer than this and last week's songs, maybe something around 200-240 traffic, so send me links to your recommendation through PM, IRC, Steam or Googletalk, you wonít get any points for it, but if I choose it youíll at least get a head start.

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