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Kmkin20 avatar 7:40 PM on 08.04.2012  (server time)
Gaymer Convention: Less about games?

I thought I would throw my opinion into the ring when it comes to the controversy (or lack-thereof, depending on your side) with the Kickstarter supporting a convention for LGBT gamers and straight allies. I want to keep this short because this is going outside the realm of gaming talk and I'd prefer not to go to far out into other territory unless someone wants to message me and really talk about it.

A lot of the comments on the stories have really disturbed me. They range from genuine confusion to more vitriolic language as well as the usual troll or two. There are a few things I have to say lead me to believe it's a good idea. I will preface this by saying, if it isn't obvious by now, that I am a gay man myself (24 and single *hint hint* *awkwardly hides in corner*) and I felt the need to make this post as a civil explanation of why I would personally like to go to such a convention.

The first thing I want to say to my fellow Dtoiders is that the mainstream gay scene is brutal. There are always exceptions in the community, but for the most part image is everything. I don't like that it's that way, but for the most part, what gay men are told (ironically by other gay men) is that if you don't look or act a certain way, you won't have a good relationship or sexual life. I've dealt with body image issues for a long time because of the pressures to be good looking or fit all the time. By now, some might be wondering why the hell I'm even talking about this and how it relates to the Gaymer Convention?

Just like most straight males on this site would find it really appealing or, dare I say hot, when their girlfriend or wife is willing or loves to play video games, I find the same attraction to a guy who is willing to just relax and share the activity. It would be the same if you liked running, cooking, or cuddling. On a base level, we tend to be attracted to people who share some level of compatibility with the things we like to do. So the interest in going to a convention where there might be guys who already share a certain level of compatibility is really enticing.

Statistics will pretty much tell you that the amount of gay people in the world is a small fraction of the world population. I've gone to college in Kentucky and after 4 years, it becomes tiring and lonely to know every out gay guy on campus and know that you have nothing in common with any of them. The way I'm viewing the convention is less about games and booths and announcements, and more about getting a community together to relax and have fun to meet each other. Of course, there will always be critics of any opinion under the sun. "Why can't they do that at E3 or PAX?" I can't give you the answer to that. I'm sure there have been attempts to get gay gamers together at other conventions and maybe there hasn't been.

Simply put, I like the idea. A lot of people have really been angry at how politics is now leaking into gaming and I'm sorry you feel that way. Gaming, like everything, is constantly evolving and whether you like it or not, community is now becoming a part of that. So why not give men and women like me a chance to get together, have fun, play some games, and maybe find a little love in a pretty crazy world?

Anyway, that's my way of looking at it and I tried to be as friendly as possible about it. If anyone wants to discuss it personally with me, send me a message. Thanks for reading! =)

Also, how fucking adorable is that?

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