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Use more lube and stop whining

Recently Resident Evil 6 got released on PC, and I, with my undying (or probably, currently, undead) love for the series since 1996, couldn't pass it, despite the mixed, at best, reactions to the game from most sites and pe...


Gamedesign through gamer’s eyes: Fuck Earth

(also on my blog) How many times have we saved planets, worlds, universes and all of their inhabitants, or watched them die, when something goes wrong? You’d think, we will get so used to it, we shouldn’t even care and jus...


How Gearbox knows Jack (and forgets Duke)

(Also on my blog) This may sound strange at first, but Handsome Jack from Borderlands 2 and Duke Nukem from his latest Forever game have much more in common, than it first seems. However, Jack has something, that Duke lack...


Hitman Emotion

(Also on my blog) So, IO decided to do a huge spoiler on one story point of Hitman Absolution. Something, that i didn't get was the reasoning behind the thing that happens int hat spoiler - it was necessary "to bring emoti...


Dear Dan. Talking with Dan Pinchbeck. Part 2

(original photo here) And original post on my blog here. And now, the second part of my talk with Dan Pinchbeck. We talk about the game pricing, strange «price per hour» concept in game pricing, influence of indie bundles...


Dear Dan. Talking with Dan Pinchbeck. Part 1

(original photo here) And original post on my blog here. After wondering for a bit on why won’t a finally buy a webcam and start trying to interview different game developers I made the only right decision — bought a webc...


Once again enter the world of survival horror

Survival horror is dead. As a Capcom invented moniker, as a Capcom influenced control scheme and game structure. Probably, even as a major mainstream game genre (well, action-adventure subgenre, actually). Some argue, that ...


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