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k man w/e

1:09 PM on 07.09.2009

In a sea of trash titles and so, so gamers it can be easy to lose ones way. My Handle is Kitsuziza and I felt like it was time to start a blog about this travesty, That and well the fact that every other ass hole on the planet has a blog. This will also be a personal blog so I'll rant about random shit that no one cares about! Wow this already sounds like loads of fun.

This is me :D

I'm a would like to note that I'm a would be artist and might some times delight you with random squiggles that may or may not resemble patapons and such. I'm aspiring to be a game designer and think It's important to keep in touch with what people want. I would love any feed back on games or more importantly what would have made them better.

I'm Currently playing Blazeblue kicking ass and taking names with Taokaka and Rachel Alucard "Note chicks in side scrolling fighters are always better" I'm currently enjoying it, being a big fan of the guilty gear series. My only complaint is the lack of characters. Of course the characters they do have are are very well done. It feels like the reason there are so few is because they tried hard to keep them balanced. But is that reason enough for so few characters. I don't know you tell me.