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My name is Louie Leon Edgar Falls.

It started with me staring at my dad playing Breakout for hours while he listened to Queen. It's amazing how much we turn into our parents.

I've always been into gaming and cant really see it stopping anytime soon. Maybe my long game history will convert into some real thought provoking stuff, although if I can make one guy laugh, mission successful. If not, game over.

Check out our videos though, they have laughs in them.


Here is episode 14, a song created with the MW2 sound library. A lot of effort went into this one and it's probably my favourite of the run. Possibly the penultimate episode. Jim posted episode 13 on the main page a few weeks ago so I wont bother reposting that but you can find them all on the kingcrude channel, "TheCourtOfKingcrude". Enjoy!

Skate 3's bails, understanding Bayonetta's undecipherable lyrics, my 4 year old niece's Kratos impression and Puzzle Quest love making. Catch up on our latest episodes all in this one post.

Kingcrude Ep.7 - Skate 3 - What Is Skateboarding?

Kingcrude Ep.8 - Bayonetta - Deciphering Bayonetta's Theme

Kingcrude Ep.9 - Babysitting Party - Uncle Louie and Phoebe

Kingcrude Ep.10 - Puzzle Quest - A Warrior's Journey

In episode 5 we see one man's desperation to offend as many people as possible using his clan tag and finds it frustating that he would Infinity Ward would want to prevent this.


Here is episode 4, posted a little later than usual as I initially hated it, but since been told that its good. So here it is. The clip from Heavy Rain is 100% genuine and cant believe what I and seemingly everyone else missed out on what Ethan's last words to his son are.

In other Kingcrude news, the guy who plays Dom in Gears of War, Carlos Ferro, saw our first video and e-mailed me to say he really liked it and got a kick out of our interpretation as he did the motion captiure for that scene. It's official, Kingcrude is Dom-approved.

Here is our third video, featuring everyone's favourite video game hero, and Master Chief.

I cant really describe it anymore than that. Enjoy.

Here is another video, this time documenting a man's obssession with Street Fighter. "He" is my buddy Lee and hats off to him for "painting up" at the end (although no thanks for smashing my Hori stick).