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In the light of these recent videogame reviews many people have forgotten that, reviews are mainly OPINIONS. Yes, that thing that everyone on this planet has. I simply usually just brush off the ignorance and go about my marry old way. Not this time though, I've had enough of peoples stupidity.

People need to stop and realize that not everyone is going to have the same experience while playing a videogame. This is one of the many features that makes this medium so fascinating to begin with. Some people wont understand certain aspects of a game, and that's completely fine, it happens all the time. That doesn't mean you have to go on a rampage and call that person names and tell them they are wrong and should die in a fire. Sadly this happens way to often, especially when it comes to videogame reviews.

Realize that not everyone is going to like what you like. If the game you have been waiting for got a low score, not because of bugs or technical issues but mainly because that particular reviewer didn't find the new tweaks all that enticing; that's okay too. Buy the game yourself, and guess what? You might actually find those new features to be rather fun, where as the reviewer didn't.

What I'm trying to get at is, take the reviewers opinions into consideration. Then buy the game and form your own opinion. Do that instead of calling people names and raging like a 5 year-old.

In short, don't be a flaming pile of mermaid shit.

-King Zelos

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