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King BLeeR's blog

5:17 PM on 05.07.2008

XBox Support Center Can and Does Suck MY ASS.

After a long and arguous debacle with the Xbox support center- my Xbox 360 has been returned to me. I wish I had the technology, and would have had the foresight to make an award winning documentary about the way I, a paying customer of Microsoft was treated during a 2 and a half month process to get my ring of death infected Xbox back into working condition. The service center was completed incompetent and downright ridiculous- here's how it went:

Bought XBox-

Got the Fuck Ring. Called the center- first long, incomprehensible conversation with Highly accented service center employee ensued.

Got a free box!

Sent in my box in free box.

(one month later) FedEx is charging me up the ass the get my Box, inside the same "free" box back.

Called Center. Second incomrehensible conversation takes place. Apparently my Xbox had been tampered with, whatever the fuck that means. Either way, they wouldn't explain how, and why they had not simply contacted me Two weeks earlier while my box was in the service center informing me of the situation. Now I was caught in an entrapment. I refused to pay and the center told me it would automatically get sent back to the service center, at which point I would be contacted (my ass) about paying for an out of warranty repair.

Was never contacted. Contacted them... over and over and over again. A month of miscommunication followed. Promises made and broken by the fuck tards.

Finally after demanding the information of their Corporate leadership, I was given the wonderful opportunity to pay 100$ to get my system repaired and sent back to me after ANOTHER MONTH!

Got sent back to me. Now I am enjoying GTA IV and fuming with frustration from the way I have been treated.   read

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