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Teh Bias: Line up, soldier!

When it comes to bias by game, there is no genre I can more easily, comfortably, and successfully communicate my personal superior opinion than that of the JRPG. Lack of overworld graphics/ random encounters=developer lazine...


E3 '10: After

Writing this as I find out about various games. Donkey Kong Country HD Remix? WAY COOL Skyward Sword? ONLY THE COOLEST TITLE FOR A ZELDA GAME EVER, SKYDIVING LINK! 3DS OoT? I dunno about this one, I'm more into top down Zeld...


E3 '10: Before.

Gosh, I sure hope E3 was great. I wouldn't know, because the date it wen overlapped right over my college summer band camp I wouldn't miss the world for, adding no type of handheld Internet access and a paranoid campus comput...


Monthly Musings: A new kind of Kingdom

Out of the three big titles Nintendo announced at E3 '09, New Super Mario Bros. Wii was the one I was most excited about. Why, well, it was the only one that had a somewhat defined release date. But first, a bit of personal ...


My Pokétise: Having Duct Tape

I wasn't like most hardcore Pokémon fans. I arrived late to the craze, thanks to a little thing called birth. And reading. I can't really remember the circumstances, but come my 7th birthday I had a shiny new turquoise GameBo...


Tropius is Tropical

"Tropius are large sauropod Pokémon with brown and green bodies. They possess large, broad green leaves on their backs which they use for flight. These leaves also double for sugar production via photosynthesis, to give Trop...


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