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Kibs's blog

5:11 AM on 04.20.2010


I apparently need to do one of these:

You can call me Kibbles, my girlfriend does more often than my actual name.

I'm a slightly newer member of D-toid, a convert from the cult of slowtaku, where said girlfriend still gets her crack, however late it may be.

I'm big into video games, anime, and being awesome. I'd give a huge list of examples, but I'm too lazy right now, and it would take more effort than the crappy picture I made for the post, and that was almost too much work to care.

Most of my time is spent either working, working, or working. I have two jobs, technically. My "real" job is being an incredibly bored sales associate with an ever decreasing interest in the over-priced shitty clothes I sell, and the lemmings who happily shovel out an extra 2-300% of the item's actual value for the name printed on the tag.

My other job pits me against the will and determination of a handful of employees who share the common goal of blatantly disregarding any basic spelling and grammar rules. This, combined with the joy of running around making sure everyone does the simplest of tasks from "Twitter about your show" to "post up that interview", making several images (like the one above, but lazier) daily, merchandising, running a forum, writing the occasional review, occasionally co-hosting a show, producing interviews, designing merchandise, and covering conventions while putting up with Otaku and their distinct flavodor*, make up my job as Editor-In-Chief at 91.8 The Fan (

I have a cat, I love her, she is sweet, cuddly, and licks my chin when I hold her, she spends most of her time sleeping, but she's pretty darn cute when she does that, too. Here is a picture to better reference how cute she is:

As you can see she is adorable. If I was asked to name one thing about my cat I didn't like it would be that she often doesn't understand that, when I am trying to sleep, scratching at my door incessantly for hours on end to get in, then out, then back in again isn't conducive to REM.

Oh. I also love my girlfriend, she's pretty cute, too:

*Flavodor - A distinct type of smell that is so pungent you can actually taste it.   read

11:37 PM on 12.07.2009

Hey, I'm new, and I am fed up with Kotaku

I read the post on how FF13 will be better on Xbox, and I though about how much Kotaku was a better site.

Kotaku is clearly a better website, I mean, come on, they have a japanese name and everything, plus they don't let anyone comment ever, I'm a new member here and I'm actually allowed to comment, what a joke, it's like the people here at Destructoid don't care about their image enough to censor and neuter their commentors. When I got banned from Kotaku for trying to complain that I wasn't ever allowed to comment, I jizzed my pants from how awesome it was, even after submitting several well-written comments and going through flaming hoops trying to figure out how to "audition" I should have known curiosity and free thought were not welcome, I mean, come on! Plus I love how their posts, while wanting to seem professional and fair, always seem to have some kind of bias, it's great, I love hearing about how a Kotaku poster thinks about politics and religion, it's not like I'm playing video games to escape that kind of bullshit in real life. It's just so fucking awesome!   read

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