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I'm a composer and arranger from Perth, Australia. I'm the arranger/pianist for the Hitoshi Sakimoto albums "Piano Collections FINAL FANTASY XII" and "Valkyria Chronicles Piano Pieces".

I'm a fan of the FF series and the Ivalice games like Vagrant Story and FF Tactics. I also love Fallout: New Vegas and the Elder Scrolls series.
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Hi there! My name is Casey Ormond, I'm a composer and pianist from Perth, Australia. For the last couple of years I've been really into the VG music of Hitoshi Sakimoto, and I've started an unofficial fan project of piano arrangements from a bunch of his games. I also do other composers too, but Sakimoto is my main focus.

This blog will have updates on how the project is going. Right now I've completed two songs from FFXII, one from FFT, and a piece from the Professor Layton games. Here's some examples:


The Skycity of Bhujerba
This is the first piece I made, a year ago. Sakimoto's work is often hard to condense into piano, because of the intricate orchestration he uses. But eventually I was able to simplify the harmony and melody enough to create something less bouncy than the original, but more flowing.


Ovelia's Worries
Who doesn't love the FFT soundtrack? (For those who don't, you have only yourself to blame. Or God.) This is one of my favourite songs from that OST, and from all of Sakimoto's works.


Professor Layton Series

Yeah, it's that song. After hours of play this song buried itself into my head, and demanded to be rearranged.

Thanks for checking out my stuff, there'll be more updates in the future. Please leave some feedback and criticism if you like.
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