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12:09 AM on 12.25.2008

Fox owns rights to Watchmen movie.

Im not a comic snob but still this is bad news or good news depending on your views on the movie. The movie
will still come out but when and who is putting it out. It could just be fox or WB and fox. Here is the link to the full
story tell me what you guys think of it.   read

3:20 AM on 11.14.2008

First look at Prince of Persia movie

ET showed their trip to the set. It kinda looks like warrior within some people bash on that game. I thought it was
pretty good still did not stack up to the first game. So tell me what you guys think of it. It could be good or really

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8:32 PM on 10.08.2008

My thoughts on RE5 TGS trailer

Here are my thoughts on the new RE5 trailer. Im not going to post the trailer here since you
can find it at other sites. The one i found it on was gamevideos so just head there you cant
miss it. Ok back to my video.

[embed]106889:15066[/embed]   read

11:02 PM on 09.28.2008

Nintendo's next step.

This is a video of what i think nintendo's next step is going to be. Tell me what you guys think
and I hope it turns out better then my last one.

[embed]105487:14784[/embed]   read

11:54 PM on 09.25.2008

Dad fell off the side of the house again!

Here im going to make this short since i made a video about it. Hope you like it. Tell me what
you think. Yes that is me in the video. Sorry the sound is kinda off time.

[embed]105160:14729[/embed]   read

1:43 AM on 08.22.2008

Too Human trying to be D&D.

no wonder epic did not want to give help on the tech in the game. They could see they were
nuts. Were ED and twin snakes a fluke on the game cube. It looked more like a game back in
the beta days of game cube. They spend so much time and money on making average bland
game. It would be a fun game if you could have 4 player and more action based. They should
have done what boarder lands did in just automating the lout. Instead of making every bit by
hand to many dam charts. They should work with nintendo they would snap them back in to
place. They could cut off the fat and cut out D&D board game Mantra. The thing that makes
D&D good is making your own story your own path. Plus it is endless too Human has a end. It
only has the weaker points of D&D like the class based stuff and the lout. The thing that made
the lout good was getting your own and branding it your own and over seeing every aspect
and detail. See this proves it in the GT review. They don't touch on the D&D stuff much but it
becomes blantly obvious they have a boner for D&D and Blizzard and cant stand the heat.

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2:09 PM on 08.09.2008

Resident evil 1 kirby remix.

Hope you enjoy this crazy mash up of kirby.


Today was pretty cool im done house sitting now im home alone with my parents in LA for a
while. I got to go see The Clone Wars at a sneak peek. It was pretty good compared to the 1-
3 it had what they were missing. There was some cos play but not much. It was only about a
hour and a half so it was only 3 ep put in to a movie but it told a whole story. The only thing
that really did not settle with me was the goal really did not seem like they need it. It was
about helping jabb get his kid back so that he wont turn on the jedi. It just felt like they could
have told a better story. It was only to really give you ideah of what the tv show would be that
is starting soon on cartoon network. It left me wanting more thou.   read

2:04 AM on 07.28.2008

The state of the Nintendo Hard-Core.

Ok I think Nintendo is giving third party's some grace period
to get better sales. So they can get a lock down on better game and get more hardcore
games on Wii. Because this is the best third party line up that Nintendo has had in along time.
Two count them two star wars light saber games balance board games that are not gimmicks.
A first person shooter that kicks ass and mad world that shows the Wii can be hardcore. They
are trying not to over shadow other games and making people take notice.

I think the only thing that Nintendo really did wrong was not making hard-core ad's. Like all
the Metriod ones for the first and 2nd and DS one were very hard-core. But the 3rd one OMG
it sucked so bad. The first one was a master piece just that the ad was shown at movie's
theaters around the United States. It made old fans trust in the game being in first person. So
all Nintendo needs to do is drop the Wii want to play ad's for the hard core games and make
real ad's like the first Metriod prime ad for Hard-Core games on Wii. It works for nintendo
games but not games that are hard-core titles.

So make sure you keep a eye on titles that you are interested in. So we can show third
party's that shitty games don't make for good profit. That the Wii is a place for the hard-core
gamers alike. Not just some gimmicky toy that kids play with. Here is GT best Wii game of E3
hope you like it.

[embed]97066:13492[/embed]   read

12:03 PM on 07.04.2008

too human or too flawed?

The one thing in the game is the story of it also is a metaphor for the game coming to be. Also
how it is liked or dis liked. Most games like this that don't have the word Blizzard on them they
are mediocre. This game falls in to why the fuck would they make a game like this. Its not
that it is a bad game its why the fuck did it get past prototyping. The 360 kids will be its to
boring and the pc guys will be its not a mouse and keyboard. Plus with the preview build we
would not know what is final and what is not final. Say the cut scenes if they are final they
fucked up bad really bad. Plus the way the voice over is cant really be changed unless the
matching up and the context of them. Plus its why the hell did take this long and why is it only
this kinda of game. Its a me too game Its not bad but why did they put so much time in to it?

Eternal Darkness was one of the best games I ever played along with there remake of Metal
Gear Solid. They should have just stuck to making another Eternal Darkness for 360. Games
of this scale become bland it was too Flawed from the start they should have stop once they
were 6 feet under the fucking ground. Plus they don't have that nintendo laser of focus to trim
off the fat of the game and pound the kinks out. Tell me what you guys think of too human. I
just hope it finds its market that is the only way it will turn out good. Is a community going to
be found in this game. This game needs one to be a good game since the fun comes from
talking about what combos work and people playing the game co-op. Here is the 1up show
preview of Too Human.

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1:06 AM on 05.31.2008

My Shitty movie of the week.

Me and my friend were watching a really shitty movies a cupal days ago. I notice a voice that i have heard before. Granted we came in at the tall end of this movie Which was this shitty movie named Guyver:2. That is based off a bad ass Anime of the same name. Plus at the end of the moive the guy takes off the battle suit and it turns out to be David Hatyer. I turn to my friend and say he voice snake in metal gear. We both could not image him doing this shitty movie but it was back in the 90's so movies kinda sucked back then. Plus me friend loves watching shitty movies. So it is always hard to pick what to watch or what movie to rent. He looks at every box he does not know the word skim. I feel like bashing his head in so we can leave.   read

12:19 AM on 05.31.2008

My thoughts on the new RE5 trailer.

It showed mostly the same stuff we have seen but with a updated look to the las plagas. I
also think its still the plagas since it showed them shoving them in mouths of others. It showed
a new girl in the trailer. So that was a hint at co-op maybe, maybe not. Here is the trailer   read

2:10 AM on 04.03.2008

Im tired of online gaming for Wii.

I just want be able to smack talk or even talk to people on my fucking team. Online is fun on
the wii but I cant play it for a long amount of time. It just does not sit with me that well
nintendo feels the need to be PC about this. Its like its meant for people who are x box live
fucktards that every word out of their mouth is gay bashing or of color racism. These are
nintendo fans mario kart would be fine and so would smash brothers to have voice chat. I just
hope M rated games that come out with online just say fuck you nintendo and do what they
want. If you tell me to try and get a Xbox 360 or PS3 I will tell you i don't have the money for
it now maybe after i get my taxes back.   read

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