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1:01 AM on 02.25.2011

My new Podcast.

Well let me get started by saying I started a podcast with my friends. We are titled the Red Flag Rundown, our first episode of the Podcast is out. We are still just finishing our 2nd episode of the podcast, the first one is a audio only the 2nd is a video podcast. We kinda run off track but we talk about how we knew on another, crazy storys that have happened. I thought posting it here would gain us great feedback, so tell us what you think. This is John from the podcast, I know I talk alot and ramble I was kinda drunk at the time. Also keep in mind this is only a work in progress. I was only saying this to try and avoid massive amounts of comments tell me about what I need to change when I talk.   read

2:32 PM on 05.10.2009

New footage from Prince of Persia movie.

I found a part of a interview that show a little bit more of the film.

[embed]131635:19218[/embed]   read

12:19 AM on 05.10.2009

New Fottage of Duke Nukem after 3D Realms falls.

Here is the footage it ranges from early concept to nearly finished game. I just hope 2K can take it and run with it. I think the main issue was that 3D Realms kept the game brewing too long and did not make the money need. It was not 2K's fault it was just what they did with that money and what they did with it. This does not effect the PSP Duke Nukem that is coming out. So tell me what you think of the footage. I just found it I had nothing to do with it.

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3:53 PM on 04.25.2009

Its been a while!!!

Does any one want to Play a game of L4D or RE5 I have the DLC for L4D but not RE5. Just add my gamer tag its kfizz187. Hope to hear from you soon.   read

10:21 AM on 12.29.2008

Yikes Street Fighter Movie trailer.

Hi every one today we are watching a train wreck. Omg this thing is bad. Tell me what you guys think. Dam this movie is going to suck.   read

11:51 AM on 12.27.2008

I found funny left 4 dead comic

VG Cats has always put out comics that are good but this is a really good x mas and left 4 dead comic. The reason I bring this up is the fact I just bought left 4 dead and xbox live. It was pretty fun I played with my friend online. He had no mic I have one thou. So I maybe on later today just ad my gamer tag kfizz187. News flash there is a new glitch that was brought up by some one youtube.

here is the comic

[embed]116091:16638[/embed]   read

12:09 AM on 12.25.2008

Fox owns rights to Watchmen movie.

Im not a comic snob but still this is bad news or good news depending on your views on the movie. The movie
will still come out but when and who is putting it out. It could just be fox or WB and fox. Here is the link to the full
story tell me what you guys think of it.   read

3:20 AM on 11.14.2008

First look at Prince of Persia movie

ET showed their trip to the set. It kinda looks like warrior within some people bash on that game. I thought it was
pretty good still did not stack up to the first game. So tell me what you guys think of it. It could be good or really

[embed]111428:15818[/embed]   read

8:32 PM on 10.08.2008

My thoughts on RE5 TGS trailer

Here are my thoughts on the new RE5 trailer. Im not going to post the trailer here since you
can find it at other sites. The one i found it on was gamevideos so just head there you cant
miss it. Ok back to my video.

[embed]106889:15066[/embed]   read

11:02 PM on 09.28.2008

Nintendo's next step.

This is a video of what i think nintendo's next step is going to be. Tell me what you guys think
and I hope it turns out better then my last one.

[embed]105487:14784[/embed]   read

11:54 PM on 09.25.2008

Dad fell off the side of the house again!

Here im going to make this short since i made a video about it. Hope you like it. Tell me what
you think. Yes that is me in the video. Sorry the sound is kinda off time.

[embed]105160:14729[/embed]   read

1:43 AM on 08.22.2008

Too Human trying to be D&D.

no wonder epic did not want to give help on the tech in the game. They could see they were
nuts. Were ED and twin snakes a fluke on the game cube. It looked more like a game back in
the beta days of game cube. They spend so much time and money on making average bland
game. It would be a fun game if you could have 4 player and more action based. They should
have done what boarder lands did in just automating the lout. Instead of making every bit by
hand to many dam charts. They should work with nintendo they would snap them back in to
place. They could cut off the fat and cut out D&D board game Mantra. The thing that makes
D&D good is making your own story your own path. Plus it is endless too Human has a end. It
only has the weaker points of D&D like the class based stuff and the lout. The thing that made
the lout good was getting your own and branding it your own and over seeing every aspect
and detail. See this proves it in the GT review. They don't touch on the D&D stuff much but it
becomes blantly obvious they have a boner for D&D and Blizzard and cant stand the heat.

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