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KevlarGibs's blog

1:49 PM on 11.05.2007

Destructoid "partners" with Microsoft for new contest.

Microsoft launched a new contest/viral marketing thing today. Basically they give you clues, and you have to search around the internet to find a word that matches the clue, which will have a green 'x' in the word. the more ...   read

3:07 PM on 10.03.2007

Tetris Splash wants to make you poor.

Now, I'm as much of a Tetris addict as the next guy, but this is a fine example of DLC being abused. ok, Tetris costs 800MP ($10) which some people complain is high on its own. I think that's a fair price, plus I just bought...   read

9:50 AM on 10.02.2007

Videogames cause murder (on Law & Order SVU tonight)

Video Preview Sorry, I won't be watching this, these shows talk too much about rape and child molestation for my taste. This episode seems to be based around people who met over a "second life" kind of game. Murder, statuto...   read

11:49 AM on 09.27.2007

Internet Matlocks solving real-world crime? (repost)

Sorry, reposting this from last night, since I was apparently too tired to make an intelligible post. First, let me say that this doesn't even sound real... it seems like a poorly planned ARG gone wrong to me. "The Orlan...   read

4:37 PM on 09.24.2007

NEW Resident Evil Racism claims.

Haven't seen this posted yet. There is so many problems with this article I barely know where to begin. Firstly, it is so ADD, I can't keep up, it starts out as a review of the Resident Evil movie, but quickly decides to sta...   read

2:54 PM on 09.24.2007

More XBLA price drops this week.

Starting this Wednesday, running through next Tuesday, three more XBLA games will have reduced prices. "Bankshot Billiards 2” (PixelStorm) – 900 Microsoft Points (normally 1200 Microsoft Points) “Frogger” (Konami) – 300 Mic...   read

4:36 PM on 09.18.2007

Xboxic still loves Destructoid.

While certain other sites around the internet want to try to tear us down or fail to cite their sources, xboxic still loves us. Xboxic is the first site (other than destructoid) that I've seen reporting one the bomberman n...   read

6:28 PM on 09.16.2007

Why do PC game demos have (need) an installer?

So, I've been primarily a PC gamer, since way back. For reference, one of the first games I remember playing was KROZ on some old IBM clone we had. Sure I've had consoles in the past, SNES, N64, Gamecube. Now I've got a ...   read

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