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KevinHatsune's blog

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KevinHatsune avatar 8:01 AM on 09.29.2013  (server time)
First Time Writing here

Hello, my name is Kevin. I just register as a user today because I recognize Destructoid as one of the best gaming-blog on the net. I came from Indonesia, the country that is recognized because of their people's kindhearted and respective manner. My hobby is watching Anime, playing games (of course!!!!!), playing TCG, and also I am a big fan of Atlus, Capcom, and Namco Bandai. So, I started playing games when I was in kindergarden, when my uncle gave me a Gameboy Advance back then, I was really excited and the first game i played was Bomberman. I continued to buy more Gameboy Advance games and upgraded my gaming device from Advance to Advance SP. When I was in elementary school grade 3, my mom bought me a NDS Lite which I keep until now but never play it anymore. Strangely, all my friend who bought NDS ended up broke their own, especially the touchscreen, but mine is okay untul now, in fact, my NDS never got any repairs, just changing the screen protector because it was too dirty, the same goes to my all my video games until now, I never get any of them repaired, even my PSP, 3DS, and PSVITA. Well I bought 3DS last year and now I have about 10 games like Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner, Resident Evil Revealation, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Pokemons, and many more. I just got my Vita this July, and I am playing Persona 4 Golden, Soul Sacrifice, and Project Diva F 'til now. The number of Vita and 3DS players are still limited here in my country, because people in my country prefer FREE games like online games or pirated games. I myself prefer Original ones, like when you buy Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner Soul Hackers, you got a bonus Soundtrack CD which ypu won't get when buying pirated games. I didn't really into online games like MMORPG, because my Laptop's RAM is a crap (I thought of changing and upgrading it soon), I also love video games woth anime-esque style graphic, because I love anime so much LOL. That's all about me thanks!!!!!

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