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Primal Carnage: Extinction Review (PS4)

During the overbloated and now (thankfully) receeding Zombie-renaissance of the last few years, I always harboured a desire for dinosaurs to see a similar reinvigoration and get the spotlight for a bit. Dinosaurs have alwa...


Pokemon & the wider audience

I used to work in a GAME store here in the UK for a period of around 20 months or so up until June 2013. While the salary side of it eventually made me move on elsewhere, obviously being into games I was rather in my ele...


I can dream: Warhammer x Dynasty Warriors

If you're anything like me, you really enjoyed Space Marine. Like, really, really enjoyed it. I think we all know that from a mechanical and technical standpoint it wasn't anything outstanding, but my god did it nail the...


Smash Bros vote: The case for Bomberman

As soon as I heard about the poll for additional characters in Smash Bros. 4 I resigned myself to the likely fate that Bomberman won't be selected. There are far more popular and in demand characters around that command ...


Run, skip & fly: The joy of movement

One thing that has always interested me are conventions within gaming that are, more often than not, thought of as standard. I'm talking about very fundamental principles; elements like how the camera moves and operates, whic...


About Kesskuronone of us since 10:53 AM on 05.03.2011

UK-based office peon and long term player of the video games, I've been gaming since I was but a wee sprout, with my earliest memory being playing the likes of Spy vs. Spy and The Hobbit on the Commodore 64. I primarily grew up with Nintendo consoles with a light sprinkling of Sega and Sony along the way, and currently own a mix of various consoles from several gens: Wii U, Vita, PS4, 3 & 2, GC and a couple of others.

Gaming is my primary hobby, but outside of that I like reading (manga primarily), dabbling in a little bit of sketching and drawing here and there and even a bit of cooking when the mood takes me. I spent a year or so a while back writing about anime and manga, but since gaming in my primary passion I figured I'd try my hand and this whole video game article writing thing that seems to be going down quite well I've heard

Favourite games include:
Shadow Of The Colossus, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Terranigma, Mirror's Edge, Dark Souls

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