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NeilTheEel avatar 9:04 AM on 07.13.2014  (server time)
Let me tell you about a game called Droid Assault

So just a few days ago i joined Destructoid, i made an account and started to read some articles. I haven't been here long at all, but i can already tell that i'm here to stay, i really love the style of articles the talented writers of this site put out. Now, im no expert ´┐Żon Destructoid, but from what i can tell from being here only a day or two, is that there is a general obsession with the suffix -droid, so to celebrate the site and my time in the community to come, id like to tell you about a game that caters to that . I'd like to talk to you about a game called Droid Assault.

Droid Assault is a "Tactical arcade shooter" developed by Puppy Games in the vein of games like Quazatron and paradroid. The military grade products of a droid manufacturing compnay called Omnicorp have turned against the masters and have gone rouge and are on the verge of taking over the world, your job is to takethe newly formed robot empire down from within, as advanced computer virus which can hijack these droids and "recruit" them to your own, rebellion droid army.

You start off controlling the weakest of the weak, a small droid fodder will no offensive ability's. However, as this droid you can capture your first solider, in the form of zapping them with the previously mention virus. As your progress through the game, you obtain and loose better and better droids though combat. You can switch between your droids at the touch of a key, this enables a kind of unit management, as you try to keep your droids alive and recruit stronger, deadlier ones.

In terms of presentation, Puppy games take pride in their neo-retro style. If you're getting tired of the glut of pixelated, Nes-inspired art styles, while still holding appreciation for them, then this may be for you. Its own style is glossy and sharp, pixelated without the pixels. This goes for its sound too, each weapon's sounds make you think words like "cyber" and "light-saber" and "probe droid" for some, not at all copyright infringement reason.

While the "droid" in Droid assault is a prefix rather than a suffix, the game is still super fun and stylish, and i totally recommend this game to anyone who is interested.

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