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Okay, hear me out. I've been playing a TON of the destiny beta, and while im a bit disappointed there isn't much new stuff in there from the alpha, im still having a blast. My favorite part by far the free roam missions in the Russian cosmodrome. Despite having already played it in the alpha, exploring the cosmodrome is super fun. I find myself finding more and more secrets every time i play it. however, one pet peeve i have is how it ironically discourages exploration. There are parts blocked by enemies that are not just stronger than you, but downright immune to anything you fire at them. As soon as you near these areas protected by these unbeatable enemies you are immediately gunned down in a matter of milliseconds. They are downright impassable. I really wished it were more like in Legend of zelda link to the past, where you COULD go near really high leveled enemies, knowing that you would most likely die, but also have the opportunity to best them with your own skill and reek valuable rewards in the process. Instead of encouraging you to explore IN the explore missions, the game forces you to turn back, which is the opposite of what makes those missions fun.

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