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Hey, my name is Neil, so you can just call me that. I LOVE Hellboy, which is unfortunately just a comic books, but i love those so thats fine.... i also like video games, which is kinda why im here. My favorite games are Earthbound, cave story, fez, and you can feel free to talk to me about any of those games or recommend some you might think i like based on those too.
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Okay, hear me out. I've been playing a TON of the destiny beta, and while im a bit disappointed there isn't much new stuff in there from the alpha, im still having a blast. My favorite part by far the free roam missions in the Russian cosmodrome. Despite having already played it in the alpha, exploring the cosmodrome is super fun. I find myself finding more and more secrets every time i play it. however, one pet peeve i have is how it ironically discourages exploration. There are parts blocked by enemies that are not just stronger than you, but downright immune to anything you fire at them. As soon as you near these areas protected by these unbeatable enemies you are immediately gunned down in a matter of milliseconds. They are downright impassable. I really wished it were more like in Legend of zelda link to the past, where you COULD go near really high leveled enemies, knowing that you would most likely die, but also have the opportunity to best them with your own skill and reek valuable rewards in the process. Instead of encouraging you to explore IN the explore missions, the game forces you to turn back, which is the opposite of what makes those missions fun.

Over the past two years or so, the middle tier of gaming have slowly been dying out, and there has only been room for the very small indie games like Towerfall and the Goliath triple-A ones like Halo. And this is too bad, because middle tier games gave us the high quality polish of big budget games, with more innovation and were more likely to deviate form the typical trend, middle tier games could take risks. Games like Psychonauts and Singularity were born, but due to the increasingly competitive market, games like these that couldn't sell nearly as well, or at least didn't live up to the unrealistic standards of the publishers, were cut out.

Tim Schafer really made a gem with this one didnt he?

But looking at the industry today, is it really fair to claim that the middle tier has been lost? I mean, if we classify these games by their budget and size, huge open world, beautiful games like "Hyper Light Drifter" raised hundreds of thousands of dollars on kickstater, and have been featured on major news sites like Rockpapershotgun and ign would totally fit the bill of middle tier games. But it's labeled "indie" and thrown off as a "small" game. A game like Mighty Number 9 raises millions, is featured on numerous popular games sites, but like HLD, its labeled a "indie" and thrown into the same pile as the thousands of games developed by people in their spare time and never even reach steam or god forbid be mentioned by anyone outside of a few forums. Some of these "indie" ,"small" games are even presented on stage at press conferences like E3 among other , huge games like Destiny and Call of Duty:Advance warfare. All these games may be independent, and im not gonna argue their not, but they do have significant budgets, are heavily advertised my major companies, and can sometimes sell millions of copies. This makes me think; are the high-tier indie games becoming the new middle-tier of the industry? I'd like to believe so, Because i really think it would be inappropriate to group these highly anticipated, heavily funded games with the truly small and independent games like Tess and Oneshot. áMy point is that a game like No mans sky is being developed in a very different way than Cave story was, and to compare them and put them in the same economic category is wrong. (Exclaimer, i LOVE cave story)á

What are your thoughts? Do you think these large independent games are the new double A's of the industry? Is that a thing Doubles A's? I mean it makes sense considering...

When i beat Shovel knight, the one thing that i enjoyed the most about the game was the skill based combat and sense of adventure. But what surprised me the most, and pleased me the most, was the character that was infused into this otherwise gameplay focused experience. A lot of people rightfully compare this game to the nes Megaman games and Zelda 2, and praise the game for its originality even as it borrows heavily from these Nes classics. But it seems like many people either overlooked, or in my opinion under-appreciated the games most original concept, and thats its characters. Story driven experiences in games are becoming more and more common, games like Gone Home and Valiant Hearts are getting more and more popular, and i couldn't be happier. But it is nice to see a game like Shovel knight, that doesn't feel like it has to sacrifice any other aspect of itself, like gameplay, to entertain you with the story of entertaining and original characters. Im not gonna argue that shovel knight is anything near the level of games like the Last of us, but i will argue that with only a few sentences and phrases, Yacht Club games has created awesome characters like the Black Knight, that will be just as memorable for their originality. Many characters in Shovel knight dont follow certain stereotypes that you would very much expect from a game like itself, which can be purposefully cheesy at times. I'd like to do some in depth analysis on one of the characters that struck me the most, to discuss why each one proves that you dont have to have any artistic gimmicks to make the story part of story mode to be awesome.

So let me talk about Polar knight. Polar knight isn't really one of the main characters in shovel knight, but if i talked about one of those dudes, i wouldn't be making much of a point here would I? Polar knight is mostly driven by the pursuit of survival, and really doesn't do things for nobility or honor, which makes it convenient that he is mostly apathetic toward most things anyway. He joins the Quarter thinking that if he does, he will likely be spared by the enchantress as she gains more power over the realm, and warns Shovel knight to follow. Even as supposed shovel buddies Polar knight is willing to fight shovel knight, as long as it benefits him. He is never once confident in Shovel knight, and even after Shovel knight beats him for the second time, he warns him to not fight her. Polar knight seems he is mostly driven by self preservation and apathy, but his constant dis-faith in Shovel knight, and his singularly quiet end game scene make me suspect theirs something more to this possibly cold hearted warrior.

The point is, you dont need to focus on story or character to have story or character. Game like shovel knight balance gameplay and story, and that, that's what makes the game special.
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So just a few days ago i joined Destructoid, i made an account and started to read some articles. I haven't been here long at all, but i can already tell that i'm here to stay, i really love the style of articles the talented writers of this site put out. Now, im no expert ´┐Żon Destructoid, but from what i can tell from being here only a day or two, is that there is a general obsession with the suffix -droid, so to celebrate the site and my time in the community to come, id like to tell you about a game that caters to that . I'd like to talk to you about a game called Droid Assault.

Droid Assault is a "Tactical arcade shooter" developed by Puppy Games in the vein of games like Quazatron and paradroid. The military grade products of a droid manufacturing compnay called Omnicorp have turned against the masters and have gone rouge and are on the verge of taking over the world, your job is to takethe newly formed robot empire down from within, as advanced computer virus which can hijack these droids and "recruit" them to your own, rebellion droid army.

You start off controlling the weakest of the weak, a small droid fodder will no offensive ability's. However, as this droid you can capture your first solider, in the form of zapping them with the previously mention virus. As your progress through the game, you obtain and loose better and better droids though combat. You can switch between your droids at the touch of a key, this enables a kind of unit management, as you try to keep your droids alive and recruit stronger, deadlier ones.

In terms of presentation, Puppy games take pride in their neo-retro style. If you're getting tired of the glut of pixelated, Nes-inspired art styles, while still holding appreciation for them, then this may be for you. Its own style is glossy and sharp, pixelated without the pixels. This goes for its sound too, each weapon's sounds make you think words like "cyber" and "light-saber" and "probe droid" for some, not at all copyright infringement reason.

While the "droid" in Droid assault is a prefix rather than a suffix, the game is still super fun and stylish, and i totally recommend this game to anyone who is interested.
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