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Kent's blog

11:52 AM on 03.27.2008

Gamerscore Whores: what's your gamerscore?

This is my first blog entry so here goes nothing...
and sorry if this has been done before, I couldn't find anything in the search.

I think achievement points/gamerscore was an ingenious idea by Microsoft. It makes the decision for many who have both systems as to which system they will buy a certain game for. It makes many people buy games they normally wouldn't thus driving 360's revenue.

For those not financially gaining from achievements, it gives the gamer something extra to aim for or prompts them to do something they normally wouldn't have explored otherwise. There are plenty of boosters and cheaters out there who play merely for the score. And probably many many more who couldn't give a shit.

I personally play games for fun but also enjoy my achievements. I guess I could be considered somewhat of a "gamerscore whore" While I didn't simulate 30 seasons of Madden'06, I did get a borrow my neighbor's copy of AVATAR for five minutes to get a thousand points (only took 30seconds in-game). I manage a video store so I can rent whatever I want for free once its been out for a month. I will admit that I've brought home games to boost my score. But in my defense, if I wasn't having a good time, then I just stopped playing and went back to COD4.

My gamertag: GSUkent
Mygamerscore: 21550

What's your gamerscore? Do you care? Do you still love /hate the idea? epeen?


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