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How They Should Make The Next Avatar Game

Hopefully many of you here are at least familiar with Avatar. Maybe you are currently watching the new series, like I am! We all agree that The Legend of Korra is freaking amazing, right? Itís pretty inevitable that they adapt it into the game- The Last Airbender had several video game adaptions. The question is, how should the series be represented? Well, I think I have a darn good idea.

Pro-bending! Now, here me out: Pro-bending has well-developed and fairly consistent rules, unlike many fictional sports of its type. Itís a rather exciting sport as well. The only problem is that, unlike on TV, people canít control the elements. This is where video games come in.

The rules and such would stay the same, with possibly some minor adjustments here and there to account for the fact that it is an actual game rather than one seen on TV. A trio of players (presumably players that are on each otherís friend lists) would basically just play with each other to practice, and then move online playing other teams to see which one is better. Thatís basically it. Yeah, not much, but Iíd play it (if it was a good game, obviously).

Itíd be a shame to not see that effort realized in a game that can be enjoyed by anyone. Just, donít put it on Kinect, lest we see the return of the Pebble Dance.
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